Rue Royale: “We Can’t Wait To Get Back Out There”

It was back in February 2013 when we heard of Rue Royale the last time here on 50K MUSIC MAG. They were funding their latest album Remedies Ahead on Kickstarter that time. Now Ruth and Brookln are back on Kickstarter to collect the funds for their upcoming album. And more than 460 backers made it real. Still 48 hours to go but they’ve already reached their goal. I’ve talked to Brookln about their current Kickstarter campaign and the new album …

50K MUSIC: It’s been a while since we’ve talked and you’ve released your last album Remedies Ahead. In the meantime you hit pause for a while. What else have happened in the Rue Royale world since 2013?
Brookln: We toured Remedies Ahead all over Europe, playing festivals and the like. We also had a few random events such as guesting on German TV shows TV Noir and Polzeiruf (a detective drama!) these were both great fun to make and a new venture for us! We decided to pause as we were excited to work on a new album and to have a baby.

50K MUSIC: A while ago you’ve launched your second Kickstarter campaign to fund your upcoming album. Are you happy with how the campaign goes so far?
Brookln: We are in the final few days and it has been a rollercoaster! We are so grateful for all the support from our fans. We met our goal last night and have a couple of days left still.

50K MUSIC: How do fans support you with the campaign?
Brookln: If they visit our Kickstarter campaign page they can pledge to support us by picking from the pre-order options. Every pledge gets a free EP which will be delivered in July.

50K MUSIC: One reward you offer is a membership in the „A Song A Month Club“. Please tell us more about it?
Brookln: This is a very exciting idea we had to create a subscription service between us and our fans directly. We will write a song a month and send it over in various ways to the subscribers. This will be the first time we are letting people into this very intimate process. People will be able to see how we write and the ways we go about it. Accompanying lyrics, photos and videos will enable people to get a glimpse in. This is an exclusive offer to Kickstarter backers.

50K MUSIC: … any other rewards you could warmly recommend to potential backers?
Brookln: We are very excited about them all but some special one off options include test pressings of our vinyl albums with handwritten sleeves. These will be fun to make!

50K MUSIC: Would you agree to unveil a few things about the album? Who are you working with? What will it sound like? How will it be titled?
Brookln: We havent decided on the title yet so thats still to be unveiled. We worked with Sean Carey of Bon Iver and S.Carey and we are also having the album mixed by Zack Hanson who has worked with a bunch of lovely folk such as Bon Iver, S.Carey, the Staves etc. The songs are much more fully realized and beautiful (In our opinion) with more rhythm and colour.

50K MUSIC: You’re known for carrying on a huge touring workload. Are you going to take to the road again soon?
Brookln: We have a few shows booked in for the summer and plans are in the works for the fall. It wont be as hectic as before, our new little band member will slow us down a bit but we will be out and about as much as possible! We cant wait to get back out there.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your fans and backers to know?
Brookln: That we really appreciate their support during this process, we cant wait to see as many as possible on the road. This kickstarter is all or nothing so in a way our future is in their hands!

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