Morph: “Your Support, Thoughts and Comments Fuel Our Creative Drive”

Morph are a two piece Prog Rock band from Gothenburg and Kristianstad, Sweden. A while ago they’ve started their Indiegogo project to fund the band’s second full-length album called Incontrovertible. And it’s still time for you to become a part of the crowdfunding crowd. I talked to Attila and Richard about the campaign and what’s going to happen after the crowdfunding …

Mario: Who are Morph? Please tell us everything we should know about the band.
Attila: morph is an alternative/progressive pop/rock band consisting of Richard Sandström (drums) and Attila Bokor (everything else). We enjoy creating music that has a certain amount of unpredictability mixed with anything we can think of.
Richard: Like Attila stated; we are a two-person band from Sweden. We write all songs together and don’t want to have any restrictions on what kind of music we create. It’s hard to put our music in just one category. And we like that.

Mario: Where do you get your musical inspiration from? What are your (musical) roots?
Attila: I get inspired by happy coincidences during the process of writing and/or recording music. And it helps to have a monster drummer to bounce ideas off of too!
Richard: So many things can inspire me. Certainly, the chemistry that happens when me and Attila write music together is very inspiring. Other from that, I can get inspired by listening to great artists and musicians or watching a jaw-dropping movie. It’s many things that can get me feeling inspired. Nature, art etc.

When it comes to musical roots, I was lucky being raised in a home where music always were very important. My family listened to everything from west-coast rock, pop, jazz to progressive. I got so much from listening to amazing musicians from day 1 in my life.

Mario: You’re working on your second full-length album Incontrovertible at the moment. Could you give us some more details?
Attila: I’m very excited about this album! We’ve decided to keep an open mind when it comes to the sound and style of the music.
Richard: We want to make an album that is a mix of beautiful, melancholic melodies and pure madness. As Attila said, we have a really open mind about the music.

Mario: What about the story your new album tells? Where does the idea for Incontrovertible come from?
Richard: The whole album is going to be based around the story of a person diagnosed with a terminal illness. We get to follow his journey to his last breath. The story and the music will really go hand-in-hand and be an extension of each other. It’s gonna be an emotional roller coaster, for sure.

Mario: You’ve started your crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo a few days ago and it’s still a long way to go. How are you going to convince people to support you?
Richard: Instead of us talking about how great the album will be, we decided to let everyone hear the first song from the coming album. So we recorded a video of us performing the song in our studios. The lyrics are also included in the video.

We have gotten so many great responses when it comes to that song. I hope everyone will check the video out, it’s on our Indiegogo page.

Mario: Once you’ll have reached your goal, what are your plans with the money raised?
Attila: We’ll spend it all on making the best album yet.

Mario: When will the album be released?
Richard: We don’t want to promise a certain release date. We won’t compromise when it comes to our music, it will take the time that it takes. But we promise to work incredibly hard with the album so that it will be released as soon as it possibly can be.

Mario: … any plans to promote it … a release gig, promo tour or any other things your fans and supporters could look forward to?
Richard: We are planning to do some online things in the near future. We don’t want to say anything else about that at this moment. If you follow us on YouTube and Facebook, you won’t miss anything.

Mario: And last one: anything you want your fans and supporters to know?
Attila: Your support, thoughts and comments mean a lot more than you might think. They fuel our creative drive.
Richard: Exactly what Attila said. 🙂

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