Mikme – a New Way to Record Your Music

Wolfgang Gumpelmaier has drawn my attention to this Indiegogo tech project – Mikme, a new wireless microphone developed by a team of European and US musicians, designers and engineers. I’ve talked to Mikme founder and CEO Philipp Sonnleitner about how Mikme could support artists making music.

50K MUSIC: You’re running an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo at the moment. Please tell us more about Mikme.
Philipp: We are very happy with the success of Mikme at Indiegogo. Mikme is the easiest and fastest way to capture, edit and share audio in studio quality. Everywhere with a push of one button. It’s all about being creative and getting your recording done by pressing one button so you can focus on being creative.

50K MUSIC: Where does the idea of Mikme come from?
Philipp: I am a musician on my own and was tired of setting up a studio quality microphone with all it’s cables, settings, stands connect it to the computer. setting up recording software and configuring. The process and time to get ready recording took me too long. And often then my idea was gone. So i started recording audio with my iPhone where the sound was not good.

So i thought i want to have the speed of recording from my iPhone but studio quality sound. This was the moment Mikme was born.

50K MUSIC: There are tons of high quality studio equipment sold every year. Are you going to supersede all this with Mikme?
Philipp: That would be nice but we see ourselves as a new way to record audio on top of existing possibilities.

50K MUSIC: How can musicians in particular benefit from using Mikme? Which applications do you see for musicians?
Philipp: Mikme can help if you record your rehearsal room session with your band, your song ideas at home in your living room, a gig somewhere, sampling street noises. Mikme fits a variety of use cases and is working either standalone, via USB as a standard USB microphone or wirelessly with your smart device. So it’s basically an all in one recording solution for all musicians.

50K MUSIC: Have you already done a field test with the gadget? Please tell us a bit about the results.
Philipp: Sure. We have tested it a lot with musicians. See these videos for the result:

50K MUSIC: When will the first Mikmes roll off the line?
Philipp: Mikme will be available in stores in beginning 2016 starting at $299. You can get it now at Indiegogo for just $189.


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