Rue Royale: Join The Journey

I’m a fan of their music since “Guide To An Escape”. No question for me to support their current Kickstarter project. Rue Royale are raising funds for their third album. Please consider to become a backer – still 15 days left…

50K MUSIC: You’re originally hailing from Chicago. How come that you live in Nottingham (UK) now?
Brookln: That’s right, I’m from Chicago. Ruth is from Staffordshire, England. She lived in the States for a few years with me but once we started touring in Europe more we decided we wanted to be nearer to that as well as nearer to Ruth’s family so we moved to England and found a nice place in Nottingham.

50K MUSIC: You’re raising funds for your third album on Kickstarter at the moment. What will you use the money for?
Brookln: We’ve recorded our previous albums in home studios in the past and never actually recorded and crafted our (Rue Royale) songs in a professional studio environment. We want to do that with this album. We really want to get into a professional studio with some people who know how to use that space and equipment. We’re hoping that it will free us up since we won’t have to be wearing the hat of artist, producer and engineer all at once. So, we can just get in there and make some music and hopefully capture these songs in a more relaxed & inspiring way. I’d like to think that that’s what this next batch of songs deserve.

50K MUSIC: There are a number of crowdfunding platforms specialised on music crowdfunding like Pledgemusic or Sellaband nowadays. Why did you choose Kickstarter?
Brookln: We were more familiar with the Kickstarter name. It’s new to the UK but we’ve known of it for a while from America.

50K MUSIC: What feedback did you get from your fans when you started the Kickstarter project?
Brookln: We’ve had a great response! We were at 10% in 24 hours and we were really happy with that. We’ve received tons of emails, comments and messages from people showing their support too which is really nice! People gathering pledges from their friends who don’t have a credit card and making large pledges on their behalf. It’s just amazing! But we do have the most kind and generous fans ever. We’ve known that for years! Rue Royale has been much more than a band traveling along over the past years it’s been a community.

50K MUSIC: You’re currently touring a lot, many miles on the road. How are you going to manage producing the album at the same time?
Brookln: We do tour a lot. We’re on a UK tour right now but it ends on the 7th February and we won’t play again until April. We’ll be recording in February and March so there really is no conflict with touring/recording. We’ve been writing over the past year and are still writing actually.

50K MUSIC: Any other plans for the next few months?
Brookln: Our big focus right now is getting a record made. We have some EU shows coming up in April but the record will be recorded by then. It’s kind of one thing at a time at the moment.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your fans and backers to know?
Brookln: We’re happy to be on this mad journey together. Thanks to all who have shown their support and interest in the new record by buying it before they’ve heard it! We really appreciate it!!

Photo above by Brookln Dekker, on the right by Roland Kok & BangBangphoto