Peter Hudler: “This Is A Very Personal Project”

Vienna based classical cellist Peter Hudler turns to Jazz. He’s going to record a Cello Jazz and Cross-over album. At the moment he’s raising funds on Indiegogo. Wolfgang talked to him about the campaign.

50K MUSIC: Peter, you started a Crowdfunding-campaign on Indiegogo as a classical cellist to record a Jazz-album. What’s the story behind it?
Peter: Well, I was curious about discovering new styles and genres and to learn to do new things with the cello, so I started searching and practicing these pieces. It also had something to do with having the courage to take the Cello somewhere where classical musicians wouldn’t go normally, so I played the program in bars, clubs, where young people go and where there is a relaxed atmosphere. And then I thought about making a CD, because to do this you really need to know the music and it’s also something like a personal statement, an individual program, that represents who I also am, apart from what I do in the classical music world. Also of course it helps with getting concerts and I can sell them later on.

50K MUSIC: You already performed those songs. Why producing a CD now?
Peter: Why everyone would record a CD, to be able to promote the music, to work on it in the concentrated atmosphere of a studio, and first of all, to be able to share this music with more people! I hope there will be people who listen to the CD at home or in their car and have a moment of stillness or feeling themselves and sensing what’s going on inside.

50K MUSIC: You’re aiming to produce your album independently. Wouldn’t it be easier to find a label to work with?
Peter: Easier maybe, yes, but labels always take a lot as well and have demands and as this is a very personal project I preferred to do it like that. Also crowdfunding creates a little community of supporters, real people who like what I do and this is a very nice feeling!

50K MUSIC: So, Crowdfunding is a way to democratize music business and give back the rights to the artists?
Peter: Absolutely yes, I think so! It makes us stronger!

50K MUSIC: What’s your plans now? What’s next?
Peter: Next week I will spend the first days in the studio and record and hopefully the whole session and production will be financed and finished by end of June. Then I will take the program to the „Fringe Festival“ in Edinburgh and present it there together with the CD. And there will be an official release concert of course in Vienna after the summer.

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