“Live performance is essential to the musical growth of any band” – Elliott.P.Mead (KRN)

King Ring Nancy is a Canadian Indie Rock/Metal band from beautiful Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After a couple years off they are back and ready to Rock! I got to check out one of their most recent shows and was blown away by their talent. I got lucky enough to do a Q&A with KRN, after you are done reading, go check these awesome guys out!

Linda: How did King Ring Nancy get started and how did you come by your interesting name?
KRN: King Ring Nancy came into being after guitarist Elliott.P. Mead met guitarist and singer songwriter Kevin Milloy in the cold of the Alberta Canadian Winter during tryouts for a previously existing cover bands. Initially choosing music as we were too lazy to work and too nervous to steal.

The name King Ring Nancy was a play on words devised from within the mind of Kevin Milloy. It came from a popular health warning which adorned packages of Canadian Cigarettes stating that, “smoking during pregnancy could harm your baby”. Kevin with a pencil blotted out some letters and out came King Ring Nancy as illustrated by the small letters, referring to the penciled out letters, smoKING duRING pregNANCY. For some reason the name stuck, not sure to this day why, but most people just call us KRN now.

Linda: King Ring Nancy does original material, how would you describe your sound and who are/were your musical influences?
KRN: King Ring Nancy is a melodic hard rock band predominately guitar orientated. Our influences come from a very large musical pool drawn upon by 5 member’s tastes in music which generally crosses all music genres and styles.

Linda: KRN has been around since 1999, where have you performed and who with? Which one performance or one achievement are you most proud of?
KRN: King Ring Nancy has performed at many clubs of various sizes, Festival events like Boonstock, outdoor Pig Roasts and the world famous Winspere Centre for Music, in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Which perhaps might be thought of as our greatest achievement being a venue that does not have many Hard Rock performances in their roster of events. We have also played with many label signed acts over the years a couple of examples being Nazareth, Live, W.A.S.P. and Streetheart.

Linda: KRN are back on the Edmonton rock/metal scene, fresh and with some new blood; can you tell us who King Ring Nancy is now?
KRN: King Ring Nancy is composed of members Kevin Milloy: Lead Vocals, Guitar (beat box if required), Elliott.P.Mead: Guitar, Vocals, John Turnbull: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Dan Ringette: Guitar, Vocals, Darwin Handley: Drums, Percussion.

Linda: Where can fans, old and new, find your awesome music?
KRN: King Ring Nancy can currently be found at ReverbNation and as we have just re-emerged our web presence will increase significantly in the near future!

Linda: What can we expect from King Ring Nancy in the future?
KRN: King Ring Nancy is excited to be back performing again and currently are almost finished re-learning our full back catalogue of material. As soon as this is completed, we have many new song ideas and demos ready to incorporate into a host of brand new material. With an eye on getting back in the studio and recording those, we will probably be sticking to the short song EP format of our last effort due to the financial restraints that accompany most Indie Artists. Most of all it is great to be playing for our most important commodity our Friends and Fans!

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