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Willie Stratton & The Boarding Party: "Deserter"

Published August 06 2014.

  by Linda

Willie Stratton & The Boarding Party released their new album Deserter on June 23rd 2014. Successfully crowdfunded through Pledgemusic, Deserter is Willie Stratton’s third album. The first album self-titled Willie Stratton, was released in 2011 and his second, The River EP in 2012. Singer/Songwriter Willie Stratton is from a harbour town named Bedford in beautiful picturesque Nova Scotia, Canada. With his musical roots set in American Folk, Willie Stratton’s ‘Deserter’ takes a strong walk more towards that great “in your face” twang and pace of the dirty western and influences of 1960’s melodic singing groups like the Ronettes. This eleven track album will tell you stories of love, loss and fading memories with its ballads, and will make you want to dance, jump and stomp your feet to songs with that great acoustic rockabilly beat.

Dartmouth- heavy acoustics and strong beats intertwined with Willie’s unique strong voice carry you into a story of maybe a relationship lost.

Trinkets- amazing guitar strumming in this face-paced extremely catchy song that makes you want to dance and jump around. A song that screams “can’t you see I Love You!”

The Valley - heavy acoustics accompany this love letter ballad of pain and hurt, hauntingly beautiful.

The River Part 1 - another beautiful quick paced song recovering memories of old and wanting the beginning of another story.

The Basin - strong harmonies weave into this pretty song like old, lost lovers retracing their steps.

Forest Tea Part III - great beats run all through this visual and strong melodic tune.

The Dying Mariner - slow down and maybe stop to listen and let this song take you on a journey of remembrance and loss.

Grit - a blues type rhythm with a heavy beat carries you far away.

The River Part II - continuing the story of recovering memories and starting something new, catchy great strumming song.

Well Water - hidden meanings flow through this taunting ballad, drawing out your soul.

Longest Winter of the Year - a lone guitar and a powerful voice hypnotizes you and draws you into a world of loneliness that is so beautiful, you will only want more.

‘Willie Stratton and The Boarding Party’ take you on a splendid ride into the stories of the heart and soul. Deserter is balanced out with funky, fast, stomp your feet, dance around sound and intertwined with haunting and beautiful ballads that seep into your soul. Listen and get it here……


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