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The Amount Of Light We Give Off: "List"

A little later than reviews usually come out, but better late than never. Published May 24 2014.

  by Rachel

Early tracks offered by German punk duo The Amount Of Light We Give Off have often pay tribute to the greats that came before them. Their latest release, List, continues with that homage while providing listeners with a fresh sound.

Released on January 22, 2014, List is made up of tracks that will easily pull the listener in. The debut begins with a tantalizing track called “Foreplay”, which properly sets the tone for the entire album. The 59 second intro proves just how important getting your audience ready can be, and that the right tones and sounds can set the stage for better things to come.

“Foreplay” transitions smoothly into “Relationships”, a track that forces the listener to remember the great Punk sounds of old. With well executed electronics and a hypnotizing rhythm, “Relationships” is worth a second listen before moving on.

Perhaps the most addicting track on the album, “Together Apart” showcases the duo's lyrical and emotional talents. It is a track that easily reminds you of how great true punk once was, and how great it could still be.

The next tracks “At the Verge of Nothing” and “Another Place” continue to guide listeners through the emotional and musical journey that List so clearly represents. The album continues with “Bone on Bone”, which only further proves that The Amount Of Light We Give Off deserves a larger platform than they already have.

The album closes strong with "Heads and Tails", and cements the idea that great punk albums can still be created. It is refreshing to know that a true punk scene that is respectful of tried and true techniques still exists. The infusion of strong base beats and electronic tones, mixed with classic punk vocals and a better lyrical base, is what makes List so addicting.

You’ll find that not pressing the repeat button continuously can be harder than you ever imagined.