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Spectators "Paranoia"

Spectators released their debut at the beginning of April. Rachel gave it a listen. Published April 17 2014.

  by Rachel

Out of Chicago, IL, the Spectators have a unique sound that makes it hard to place the band in one particular genre. The Chicago-based band consists of Josiah Viland (lead vocals), Chris Ford (bass and vocals) Aaron Viland (synthesizer, guitar, monotron, and vocals), and Walter Halliwell (guitar, synthesizer, and vocals). Their sound and style flow throughout their debut album Paranoia. The album, released on April 5, 2014, features carefully honed vocals, and a sound that merges futuristic tones with familiar rock themes.

The album kicks off with Live Fast, which sets the unique tone of the album. This particular track is quick to catch the listener’s attention with a catchy chorus and intriguing rifts. Live Fast is the perfect introduction to their edgier tunes, which includes Cross the Line, The Start, Next to Me, and Drift.

Though most of the album features edgier, more funky sounds, Spectators have also proven that they can successfully create tunes with a softer side. I Don’t Mind, in particular, tends to stand out against the crowd of up=tempo tracks on the album. The song showcases lead singer Josiah’s unique voice. His raspy, yet soulful, voice is quick to grab ones attention. Josiah’s voice, coupled with an impressive arrangement, is reason enough to purchase the entire album.

Overall, Paranoia is an impressive debut from a band that is still relatively young. Given the many different sounds that can be found on the record, it is easy to imagine that the album will give listeners a reason to diversify their specific musical tastes. One cannot help but wonder what else the band will have in store for their followers when their debut is so strong.