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Oskar Schuster "Sneeuwland"

Oskar Schuster has released his album "Sneeuwland" about one week ago. Our Linda has reviewed it. Btw, she's unveiled that this is her first album review - great job Linda :-) Published March 29 2014.

  by Linda

Oskar Schuster is an extremely talented composer and musician from Berlin, Germany. With his newly released full length album “Sneeuwland”, successfully croudfunded on Sellaband, Oskar takes us on a journey of “Wunder”. This is Oskar’s second album, his first, “Dear Utopia” was released in 2011, followed by the piano solo EP “Les Valses Invisibles” in 2012. Only one track on “Sneeuwland” features the artist Possimiste, which is his second collaboration with her voice, the first song being “Stjernen”.

“Sneeuwland” is a twelve track piano composition, where Oskar creates and evolves his sound with multiple layered piano tracks as the main element and adding in beats and sounds of Glockenspiels, music boxes, old cameras and typewriters. This unique album takes the listener away to far off lands, long forgotten memories and fantastical dreams. Creating visuals through sound is definitely where Oskar takes you with “Sneeuwland”.

"Fjarlægur" sounds like an endless fairy tale ballroom dance of forgotten memories, until the beautiful string element brings you back.
"Valse Imaginaire" - a beautiful tour of imagery.
"Valtameri" - evokes images of a lone, faded slideshow of forgotten photographs, then in the background, the typewriter comes in to narrate the missing pieces……….
"Sneeuwland" - sounds evoke images of swirling snowflakes, like a winter wonder snow globe.
"Vleurgat" - like driving along an endless countryside with amazing colors and landscapes assaulting your mind.
"Marlene" - maybe typing a letter of love, a bold statement.
"Les Sablons" (album version) - wandering, waiting, travelling to a fantastical world.
"Les Îles Féroé" - a magical land, a fantasy book.
"Dinan" - chasing down a childhood with broken pieces of memory, but you still wonder and smile.
"Wunder" - Wonder? Or wonder. Wondering of wonders, imagining beautiful miracles, witnessing life or maybe wondering where life has gone.
"Lumehelves" (feat. Possimiste) - Gives you a taste of wanting more of everything from Oskar.
"Koma Aftur" - a frantic finish that leaves one dancing with their own memories, waiting for more.

Oskar Schuster is definitely tinkling away and typing out a manuscript to play alongside wherever your mind takes you. Whether that’s fantasy, imagery, faded forgotten memories or a lone dance with yourself, just sit back listen and “Wunder” about beautiful “Sneeuwland”. Listen and get it here ...