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gigmit - Your New Booking Agent

There's a new player on the market for internet booking services. Gigmit will start soon and wants to improve the communication and collaboration of musicians and concert promoters. I talked to CEO Marcus Rüssel about their service, the benefits for musicians using gigmit and their further plans...

50K MUSIC: You're about to start gigmit.com, a service to bring musicians and concert promoters together. Could you please explain how it works.
Marcus: In a nutshell, it concentrates business specific contacts, simplifies search and booking processes, secures contract design and implementation so that in the end, creative people may concentrate on what they are best at and reduce the tedious, time-consuming management part to a minimum.

For both sides, gigmit is equally easy to use and offers many functions. Musicians and promoters logging in at gigmit.com are provided with a digital assistant that brings them together - like an intelligent mixture of Basecamp, eBay and Match.com for musicians and promoters. With its integrated matching, gigmit offers a broad network of contacts and a very condensed approach to promoters and their events on the one hand and musicians on the other. Gigmit optimises and automates communication as well as the whole booking process: Once musicians and promoters start talking online, based on already listed information a contract, info sheets and the bill are being generated in the background. The whole process is comprehensible, transparent, simple and fast.

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