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One Spark Start: Berlin - Experiencing Europe's First Live Crowdfunding Festival (1)

Published September 20 2014.

  by Mario

For three years now Berlin Music Week has been one of the highlights in September for me. Now there's another event I'm proudly adding to the late summer highlight list - One Spark Start: Berlin - hoping it will become a part of this tradition.

Since 50K MUSIC MAG was one of the media partners of this year's crowdfunding festival we've accompanied some of the music creators beforehand. So I was quite curious about what would happen there in Berlin.

Starting with the Opening Ceremony at Platoon Kunsthalle on Friday evening One Spark Berlin gathered pace.

Elton Rivas and Travis Todd welcomed the guests from far and wide. "In-person crowdfunding is the way it has always worked", stated Elton Rivas.



Travis Todd talked about the young idea of One Spark and having the same problems like all creators with One Spark. He thanked all the festival partners and explained the main points of One Spark: Vote, Contribute, Decide and how voting and contributing works.

Betty Dittrich (one of the music category jurors of the next day) and DJRush supplied the music on this evening.

I think everyone at the Opening Ceremony was wondering what to expect one day later.

To be continued ...