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One Spark Berlin - Bringing Crowdfunding To Life

Published July 12. Illustration by Lucas Maksym.

  by Mario

After celebrating hands-on and approachable crowdfunding in Jacksonville (Florida) for two years now, Dennis Eusebio, Elton Rivas and Varick Rosete, the founders of One Spark Festival, are heading for Berlin to start an European crowdfunding fest this year. Travis Todd, co-founder of Toa.st, Buddy Beer as well as Berlin based startup community Siliconallee and US expat living in Berlin is busy organizing One Spark Berlin. From September 12-14 startups, creators, makers and artists from Europe and all over the world will showcase their projects in art, innovation, music, science and technology, interact with their supporters and at best get the chance to win a funding for their project.

For the Berlin edition of One Spark the team around Travis started a crowdfunding campaign themselves at RocketHub and raised more than 11,000 $ to initiate the event at Alte Münze in Berlin Mitte.

The crowd at the festival decides who gets funding for a project

So this is your chance to put your music in front of expected thousands of people and receive feedback in real time. This shouldn't be unfamiliar to all musicians. I think the festival affords especially Indie musicians the opportunity to find a new audience, meeting their supporters face to face. There are two ways for creative folks to get funding: first you can convince the jury as well as the attendees to vote for your project and get you a part of the 50,000 € crowdfund that will be distributed between the winners of the voting. The second way is to collect funds directly from the festival attendees. One Spark team is going to provide some tools for the crowd to support projects they like.

So if you're a musician with a clean-cut plan for a music project then One Spark is probably the chance to get the ball rolling. The festival shape of One Spark should be the perfect setting for musicians and bands to reach the crowd, meet their fans and gain new followers. Take the chance to perform live or experiment by interacting with the crowd.

The only thing you have to do is to register your project on the One Spark Berlin website. Make sure that music gets its share of One Spark funds in Berlin. The registration for creators is open until August 01.

One Spark Berlin 2014 from One Spark on Vimeo.

Bringing the crowd and artists together since 2013

One Spark is a live crowdfunding festival to get artists, startups and creators in touch with their supporters, also referred to as the crowd. It aims "to build a worldwide platform to help creators launch by breaking through the digital noise and connecting people with people the old way, in person", as co-founder Elton Rivas puts it. The first festival of that kind was held in Jacksonville (Florida) in 2013 and the second festival has brought together more than 600 creators with their projects and over 260,000 attendees in April this year. 3.25 M $ have been raised during the five days of the fest. I'm curious if the Berlin edition can reach this figures one day. But Elton Rivas seems to be very optimistic about that when he stated in his blog post about preparing One Spark Berlin: "..., there’s still a sense of being a bit of an underdog. I like that. As our Managing Director in Berlin put it, there’s a strong connection between being the underdog that pulls yourself, and those around you, up by your bootstraps and gets on with it. There’s a certain twinkle that people, and dare I say, places get after making it out of the little resources available at any given time and building something of greatness. Everything in the Berlin scene embodies that." The festival organisers expect more than 150 creator projects and around 20,000 attendees at Alte Münze in Berlin Mitte.

If you want to get an impression of this year's Onespark in Jacksonville check out this video: