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One Spark Start: Berlin - Experiencing Europe's First Live Crowdfunding Festival (2)

Published October 02 2014.

  by Mario

Since One Spark Start: Berlin is more than two weeks ago now it's high time to write about day two of Europe's first crowdfunding festival. One Spark Start followed the new but elaborate concept of One Spark Jacksonville with more than 1,000 creators and almost 400,000 attendees in 2014.

A fire alarm in our hotel made us bouncing out of bed on this Saturday morning. Fortunately it was false alarm. After having some breakfast I set out for day 2 of One Spark Start at Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin's hip district Prenzlauer Berg.

The festival started with a keynote by Amir Kassaei followed by a panel with Roger Bendisch, Dr. Andreas Goerdeler and Kai Bodensiek. They discussed several approaches to protect investments in Crowdfinancing projects in Germany with Karsten Wenzlaff, one of the jurors of One Spark.

Then the big moment for all creators came when they opened their stands to showcase their projects. And one by one entered the main stage to get even more attention. Of course I focussed on the music projects. And these are the music creators we saw on stage this day in order of their appearance:
The New Beans - awesome Indie Rock from Buenos Aires, meanwhile they've settled down in Berlin and wanted to raise funds for equipment, a marketing campaign, setting up their own rehearsal room and studio, merchandising, touring
DOS - Voice & Bass - we've introduced the duo of Laura Corallini and Marcel Krömker a while ago, they wanted to finance their album, promo video and a tour through Europe and South America,
Nature In The City - Robin and Johannes from Berlin were seeking funds for their upcoming album and a 14-gig-album-release-tour,
Somebody Else - eight piece Urban Soul band from Berlin - they've just released their debut album and are ready for the next stage hopefully being funded by One Spark attendees,
Belongings - we've introduced Freddy Knop's project a few weeks ago - he aimed to finance the production of his upcoming album,
Mediterranea - a discographical project of classical music initiated by Francesco Iannitti,
Leather Report - Berlin based Jazz quartet seeking for money to realize a video shoot of a jazzy beer bike tour,
Berlin Music Campus - the idea of Berlin Music Campus is to bring together musicians and young talents to create music, videos and innovative stage designs - they're looking for funds for equipment and to organize a networking event,
Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra - consisting of a dozen of musicians improvising with Soundpainting - they wanted to finance an album, a video and promo activities,
and last but not least JYLDA - electronic pop band hailing from Berlin - looking for money to release their next album on vinyl.

And who was the winner at the end of this day? To be exact there were two winners - Somebody Else was the top-voted project in music. So to speak they where the crowd favourite in Berlin on this Saturday.

Berlin Music Campus was the favourite of the music jury (Betty Dittrich, Niko Costas, Olaf Bohn, Tex Drieschner). They got 1,000 Euros and will travel to One Spark Festival in Jacksonville next year.

Congrats to the winners.

With about 5,000 visitors One Spark Start: Berlin could be on it's way to become firmly established in Berlin's event landscape. All in all it's been a exhausting but really thrilling experience. And I hope we will see us again next year. Thanks to One Spark Berlin team for organizing this awesome festival.

One Spark Start: Berlin - Experiencing Europe's First Live Crowdfunding Festival (1)

Published September 20 2014.

  by Mario

For three years now Berlin Music Week has been one of the highlights in September for me. Now there's another event I'm proudly adding to the late summer highlight list - One Spark Start: Berlin - hoping it will become a part of this tradition.

Since 50K MUSIC MAG was one of the media partners of this year's crowdfunding festival we've accompanied some of the music creators beforehand. So I was quite curious about what would happen there in Berlin.

Starting with the Opening Ceremony at Platoon Kunsthalle on Friday evening One Spark Berlin gathered pace.

Elton Rivas and Travis Todd welcomed the guests from far and wide. "In-person crowdfunding is the way it has always worked", stated Elton Rivas.



Travis Todd talked about the young idea of One Spark and having the same problems like all creators with One Spark. He thanked all the festival partners and explained the main points of One Spark: Vote, Contribute, Decide and how voting and contributing works.

Betty Dittrich (one of the music category jurors of the next day) and DJRush supplied the music on this evening.

I think everyone at the Opening Ceremony was wondering what to expect one day later.

To be continued ...

One Spark Berlin - Bringing Crowdfunding To Life

Published July 12. Illustration by Lucas Maksym.

  by Mario

After celebrating hands-on and approachable crowdfunding in Jacksonville (Florida) for two years now, Dennis Eusebio, Elton Rivas and Varick Rosete, the founders of One Spark Festival, are heading for Berlin to start an European crowdfunding fest this year. Travis Todd, co-founder of Toa.st, Buddy Beer as well as Berlin based startup community Siliconallee and US expat living in Berlin is busy organizing One Spark Berlin. From September 12-14 startups, creators, makers and artists from Europe and all over the world will showcase their projects in art, innovation, music, science and technology, interact with their supporters and at best get the chance to win a funding for their project.

For the Berlin edition of One Spark the team around Travis started a crowdfunding campaign themselves at RocketHub and raised more than 11,000 $ to initiate the event at Alte Münze in Berlin Mitte.

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