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Amanda Palmer: World Wide Webcast

Amanda Palmer is going to be WEBCASTING, LIVE from CAMBRIDGE, MA with MUSIC and TALKING and GUESTS and more next Tuesday, June 04 at 7 pm (EST). This is what she announced in her newsletter about a week ago.

She's planning a new WEBCASTING SERIES although she calls the first webcast "just an experiment to see how it goes".

The guest line-up for the webcast will be as follows as she states:
"• Amanda Palmer (doing all sorts of shit)
• anthony martignetti - (reading and conversation)
• cormac bride - (music and conversation)
• neil gaiman - (reading and conversation)
• sarah borello - (music and conversation) and....
• YOU (Amanda will be chatting a lot online and taking questions from the live audience, PLUS the yous on the internetz)."

The stream will be broadcast by redstarunion.com

Sellaband Believer Interview With Stuart

This interview has originally been published in Sellaband news section on May 24 2013.


Stuart, Believer, Traralgon in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

There is nothing better than the gift of giving. Knowing you are making a real difference to someone.

Here in Australia, we have a huge number of highly talented artists of all genres just trying to get their first break to be heard. I love to support local Australians but am also happy to look at other countries. On Sellaband, I am supporting Katey Laurel who just achieved her funding goal. Katey is a true artist who tells compelling stories with wonderful lyrics. Her vocals are flawless and pure. Her music is full of honesty, integrity and sincerity. Added to that she is a warm, caring and compassionate person. Her music will capture hearts.

No easy handouts!

And that’s what makes me want to support an artist! It’s about the music – I have to connect with it and the stories that it tells. Then I need to feel some sort of connection with the artist. Lastly it’s about do I see an artist who wants to work hard and do what it takes to make it and is not just looking for easy handouts. Then I’ve got no set limits.

Stuart invests in     

Get to know Stuart and recommend some new music!

Living Room Concert Online

Published May 16 2013.

  by Mario

A while ago we introduced Angie Arsenault's Living Room Concert series to you. Now she's going to perform one of her concerts together with her mom online. If you'd like to join the 30 min online gig this Saturday at 8 pm CEST (2 pm EDT) you only have to go to this page and pay what you want to enjoy Angie's music.

So, only 18 tickets left. Come and join us at the gig. :-)


There Will Be Only One!

Great news for all fans of Broadway Killers (DK), Hogan (IE) and The Outset (DE). Last Monday Sellaband has started the big Band Contest 2013 where those three bands will compete against each other. The countdown has started and the bands have to give their very best to win. And in the end there will be only one!

The winner band will get a Germany tour with the Gibson tour bus. And every one who's going to support one of the bands has the chance to win one of the great prizes.

So check out the band contest ... still a little bit more than 4 weeks time to support your favourite band. All of them are worth supporting and offering great incentives as well.

I'll try to get all three competitors for an interview during the competition.

Sellaband Believer Interview With Leon

Leon, Believer, 29, New York/USA

I would give thousands of dollars!
At the time, I invest in Katy & The Escort Orchestra. I guess, if other people will hear their songs in the future, KEO can conquer a great niche market with a loyal following. I like bands that - by their sound - I believe, can be successful and profitable. And if I had enough money available, funding going into the thousands of dollars would be a possibility for me!
Getting involved
I live in New York City. You get everything here, from latin to pop to r&b to rock to infinity. It’s the vibrancy of sound and the fact that there are so many up-and-coming artists out there that make the city a fantastic music city. But the ideal artist-fan-relationship should be very direct and involved nowadays. And that is why Sellaband makes total sense to me, even if you live in the big apple.

Get to know Leon and recommend some new music!

This interview has originally been published in Sellaband news section on March 15 2013.


Sellaband Artist Interview with Civilized Tears


That is what US based Post Punk New Wave Band Civilized Tears shouted out when they succeeded with their second project on SellaBand. The funding will go towards an E.P/Album – with a sound still unknown. „I guarantee that we will change. Stasis is the epitome of creative insecurity“, reveals Civilized Tears Tim in our interview.
It must have been 2008 when a music producer in London told Tim about SellaBand and urged him to join. „It was great advice“, as Tim points out now. The idea of crowd sourcing was relatively new back then. „But we joined, because we like the SellaBand team and structure, especially the weekly charts. By now, it has allowed us to record music at a higher production level than before and it has connected us to many wonderful music lovers.“ 
Finding the identity is the big one
Tim continues: „I think we're at a place where we feel confident with our direction and we know who we are as artists. I think finding your identity is the big one. Being an artist means your searching for self expression and being truthful to who and what you are. So in this respect, yes we've found out who we are.“ And they’ve found out more about their fans as well: „Before SellaBand, we didn’t know the degree of passion they have for music. They have put their faith in our music and we naturally want to repay them with delicious musical fruits. The fact that people put money into our music makes us realize that Civilized Tears don't exist in a vacuum anymore…there are actually fans out there who give a damn.“
Get to know Civilized Tears!
Civilized Tears recommend Oskar Schuster
This interview has originally been published on Sellaband News on Feb 15 2013.


Rahel Kraska: "Soundtrack fürs Leben" Inkubato Project

Rahel Kraska, Berlin based multimedia and Hip Hop artist, just reached her funding target on inkubato. Anyway it's still time to support her with her project of creating a live DVD of her performance. So be a part of it.