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Sellaband Believer Interview With Stuart

This interview has originally been published in Sellaband news section on May 24 2013.


Stuart, Believer, Traralgon in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

There is nothing better than the gift of giving. Knowing you are making a real difference to someone.

Here in Australia, we have a huge number of highly talented artists of all genres just trying to get their first break to be heard. I love to support local Australians but am also happy to look at other countries. On Sellaband, I am supporting Katey Laurel who just achieved her funding goal. Katey is a true artist who tells compelling stories with wonderful lyrics. Her vocals are flawless and pure. Her music is full of honesty, integrity and sincerity. Added to that she is a warm, caring and compassionate person. Her music will capture hearts.

No easy handouts!

And that’s what makes me want to support an artist! It’s about the music – I have to connect with it and the stories that it tells. Then I need to feel some sort of connection with the artist. Lastly it’s about do I see an artist who wants to work hard and do what it takes to make it and is not just looking for easy handouts. Then I’ve got no set limits.

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