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Sellaband Believer Interview With Leon

Leon, Believer, 29, New York/USA

I would give thousands of dollars!
At the time, I invest in Katy & The Escort Orchestra. I guess, if other people will hear their songs in the future, KEO can conquer a great niche market with a loyal following. I like bands that - by their sound - I believe, can be successful and profitable. And if I had enough money available, funding going into the thousands of dollars would be a possibility for me!
Getting involved
I live in New York City. You get everything here, from latin to pop to r&b to rock to infinity. It’s the vibrancy of sound and the fact that there are so many up-and-coming artists out there that make the city a fantastic music city. But the ideal artist-fan-relationship should be very direct and involved nowadays. And that is why Sellaband makes total sense to me, even if you live in the big apple.

Get to know Leon and recommend some new music!

This interview has originally been published in Sellaband news section on March 15 2013.


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