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Sellaband Artist Interview with Civilized Tears


That is what US based Post Punk New Wave Band Civilized Tears shouted out when they succeeded with their second project on SellaBand. The funding will go towards an E.P/Album – with a sound still unknown. „I guarantee that we will change. Stasis is the epitome of creative insecurity“, reveals Civilized Tears Tim in our interview.
It must have been 2008 when a music producer in London told Tim about SellaBand and urged him to join. „It was great advice“, as Tim points out now. The idea of crowd sourcing was relatively new back then. „But we joined, because we like the SellaBand team and structure, especially the weekly charts. By now, it has allowed us to record music at a higher production level than before and it has connected us to many wonderful music lovers.“ 
Finding the identity is the big one
Tim continues: „I think we're at a place where we feel confident with our direction and we know who we are as artists. I think finding your identity is the big one. Being an artist means your searching for self expression and being truthful to who and what you are. So in this respect, yes we've found out who we are.“ And they’ve found out more about their fans as well: „Before SellaBand, we didn’t know the degree of passion they have for music. They have put their faith in our music and we naturally want to repay them with delicious musical fruits. The fact that people put money into our music makes us realize that Civilized Tears don't exist in a vacuum anymore…there are actually fans out there who give a damn.“
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This interview has originally been published on Sellaband News on Feb 15 2013.