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Alex Highton: "Just Keep On Keeping On"

Thanks Alex for answering. Published June 06 2013.

  by Mario

Alex Highton has toured the Continent in April this year and played gigs in Germany, Holland and Belgium. I talked to him about the tour and his new plans for an upcoming album...

50K MUSIC: One month ago you've returned from your Germany/Netherlands/Belgium tour. I guess it's good to be back home, isn't it?
Alex: It's great to be home. I missed my family.

50K MUSIC: Please tell us something about the tour. Where has it led you to?
Alex: I went all over. I had some crazy journeys in between dates. From Berlin to Wuppertal took me 10 hours! Lots of driving, on my own, singing at the top of my voice, eating in crappy motorway cafes, talking out loud to myself, going a bit loopy, being involved in car chases on the autobahn, etc.........Like a normal tour but without the sex and drugs.

50K MUSIC: ... and hopefully you've made a lot of new friends and fans?
Alex: I certainly made a lot of new friends that's for sure. I met so many kind people who let me into their lives and looked after me. All the shows went great so I hope I made some fans. I don't see much distinction between the two to be honest.

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Benshee: "We Will Never Give Up"

Diogo Caramujo answered my questions via e-mail. Published on Feb 07 2013.

  by Mario

Benshee are back on Sellaband. The Indie Pop band from Portugal started their project a few days ago. I talked to Diogo Caramujo about what they expect ...

50K MUSIC: Back in February 2010 I've introduced Benshee in 50K MUSIC MAG as a Newcomer on Sellaband. What happened since then?
Diogo: Well we have heard about sellaband on the Tv News in Portugal so we decided to come in to see what could happen.It was a nice experience we get some friends, some believers and everything was going great...we where having some gigs in Portugal and won a lot of (garageband) contests...and we get a record deal with a label thats why we left Sellaband. We went to studio making new songs but than we started to have some problems with the label...they wanted us to sing in Portuguese and change the name of the band to "MALA"...and we started to have a lot of problems in the band ... and well ... nothing happened! We stopped the band for our friendship don't come to an end. And now we decided to make music again ... we can't stop I guess ... we are back in our home studio producing new stuff for the first album of the band.

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The bianca Story: Digging A Hole Through Music Industry

Thanks to Wolfgang Gumpelmaier for doing this interview with Moritz Gombert of Motor Music. Published October 23 2013.

  by Wolfgang

Over the last months there have been a few crowdfunding projects that aimed to make music available for everyone without paying for it in the long term. On Kickstarter for example, a team of classical music enthusiasts launched their second campaign this year, called Set Chopin Free. The goal: hiring an orchestra to recording the life's work of Frédéric Chopin and release it all for free.

But also current bands and musicians approach to this new way of financing and connecting with fans. At the moment swiss New Wave Rock’n’ Roll band The bianca Story is running a funding campaign for setting their music free and delivering it to their fans by offering a free download of the new album on their website. Within two months the band aims to collect 90.000 Euro on wemakeit.ch, a Zurich-based crowdfunding platform for creative projects. In case of success the money goes directly into the album production and promotion. The band itself gets a share of it, also does the partnering record label Motor Music.

Moritz Gombert, band manager at Motor, told us more about the project and the label’s future plans…

50K MUSIC: Why did you decide to use crowdfunding for financing and releasing the new album of The bianca Story?
Moritz: First and foremost it was the band´s decision to choose this unique way to release their new album. Our aim is not to collect the money and to prefinance the production of the record like many other campaigns do. Rather we wanted to take crowd funding to the next level. Initially we were very inspired by the ideas of Rousseau, the band developed a more holistic approach which is based on the concept that music should be free for everybody. Crowdfunding a la The bianca Story means the crowd collects money for the crowd. Once the goal is achieved the music is free for everybody. The whole world profits and enjoys the outcome of this campaign.

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Broadway Killers: "We Suck!"

Published on Feb 19 2012.

  by Mario

They're raising funds for their debut album on SellaBand at the moment. Danish three piece Rock band Broadway Killers really rock and I think they can make it to the goal if you guys support them. I talked to Emil about their SellaBand project and their further plans ...

50K MUSIC: For all those who don't know Broadway Killers yet (in case there is anyone), please tell us something about you. Where do you come from, what are your roots?
Emil: Well, I think I'll give you the short answer to that :) We're a three piece rock band from Aarhus, Denmark. Basically we don't want to create anything revolutionary, we try to keep things simple. We are inspired by the energetic and melodic punk music, the attitude of the grunge scene and the sound of the alternative rock.
In fact we all come from different parts of Denmark and moved to Aarhus some 10 years ago mainly to do music. Back then we were in different bands all with big ambitions. As time went both Jakob and Anders got to release punk rock albums and tour internationally, Europe and both the US and Japan. I (Emil) was a little more low key mainly doing local and national concerts with my grunge inspired rock band. At a point Jakob's five piece band needed to part ways with one of their guitarists so Anders (who had become a good friend of Jakob) was brought in to play some shows. After a while he also joined the band officially.

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Civilized Tears: "New Material Has Got People Going Nuts"

Thanks Tim for this quick Q&A about the new funding. Published June 05 2013.

  by Mario

Civilized Tears started their new funding with the support of Sellaband. They want to shoot a prof video and believers decide with their votes to which song it will be shot. I talked to Tim Bennett about the new project and the upcoming album/EP ...

50K MUSIC: Back in February this year you've completed the funding for your upcoming album. What happened since then?
Tim: We were thrilled with the support and feel very thankful to all our Believers ! We wasted no time and in February we recorded 5 new tracks for the EP/Album in Austin Texas with renowned Producer Erik Wofford from Cacophony Recorders. We also brought two new pro musicians into the mix. Now the band has a tight, strong high quality sound.

50K MUSIC: You've just started a new funding for the shooting of a video. Please tell us something about it.
Tim: We hope to raise at least a 1,000 Euros to fund the making of a new music video which we'll shoot in Austin and possibly shoot some frames in the Texas desert for a stunning visual eye-candy overload. We've given the fans and Believers a chance to vote for their favourite track from the new album. The winning track will be our first release and the first video. We uploaded the two studio demo out-takes of "Antidote" and "Stars" onto Soundcloud and I think so far "Stars" is winning. Here's the link to vote and pledge: http://civilizedtears.sellaband.com/

We have an amazing and well known film director who has agreed to shoot the video for us. He understands we have a small indie budget and due to his love of Civilized Tears music, he is slashing his price to accommodate our budget. We'll also need funding for equipment and crew rental, hair and make-up artist, plus styling which will all be included in our funding target.

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The Damned And Dirty: A Deep Love For Delta Blues

The Damned And Dirty answered my questions via e-mail. Published on February 15 2013.

  by Mario

If you're into Blues you won't get around these two guys from the Netherlands. Gritty Delta Blues is what The Damned And Dirty stand for. They've just started their Sellaband project and I talked to them about it and why they give their music away for free ...

50K MUSIC: Who are The Damned and Dirty? Where do you come from? What are your roots?
TDAD: We're a duo from the Amsterdam area. Micha Sprenger plays the guitar and Kevin de Harde does vocals and harmonica. We've played together for a while now in the Chicago blues band BluesMotel. In the summer of 2012 a lot of our bandmates went on vacation and that left us with ample time to write material. Since we both have a deep love for delta blues we decided to try something else for a change and turned our writing efforts to creating a, at the time, one-off album featuring some acoustic blues songs. That all changed when people started noticing the music and wanted to book us. The album was very recently nominated for an award by the Dutch Blues Foundation.

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