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Spectators: Be Smart And Keep Your Noggins Covered

Published April 27 2014.

  by Mario

Early in April the Spectators have released their debut "Paranoia" - Rachel reviewed it a few days ago. I've talked to the guys from Aurora (IL) and gained some really extraordinary insights into Martian-Terrestrial relationship ...

50K MUSIC: There's not much information to find about the Spectators on the interweb. Please tell us something about the band. Where are you from? Where does your (musical) inspiration come from? What are your roots?
Spectators: Ever since we arrived on earth, we've resided in Aurora, IL. Our musical influence comes from all across the universe. Earth is extremely derivative of the folk music of Pluto, which is kind of lame, but there are a few interesting artists here. Our terrestrial influences include Sly and the Family Stone, Katy Perry, Vicente Hernandez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Nate Dogg, Bono, and many more.

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Oskar Schuster - A Journey To Strange And Beautiful Places In Your Mind

Get an exclusive view on "Sneeuwland" album covers and take a sneak listen to "Fjarlaegur". Published March 14 2014.

  by Mario

Exactly one week from today Oskar Schuster is going to release his crowdfunded new album "Sneeuwland". Almost 150 believers supported the album project on Sellaband. I talked to Oskar about his music and what it means to him to be a DIY musician ...

50K MUSIC: You're about to release your second album „Sneeuwland“ on March 21st. I would refer to this release as a milestone of a project which began in July 2012 with the start of your crowdfunding campaign on Sellaband. How do you look at it?
Oskar: Yes, it began with the start of my crowdfunding campaign. I released a demo recording of a new song called "Sneeuwland" as background music to my Crowdfunding Promo Video. Unexpectedly, that demo recording became quite successful in the following months. It was my first track that used the combination of multiple layered piano tracks and a beat consisting of noises from typewriters and old cameras I had randomly recorded. For the album, I tried to evolve that sound. I worked a lot on it during two years and now finally everything is finished and I'm happy I can thank all the people who supported my crowdfunding campaign by giving them my new album.

50K MUSIC: You've played most of the instruments on the album, you've produced the album yourself, you've created the artwork … Simply put, you've done most of the work for the album yourself. Would you call yourself a perfectionist?
Oskar: With the crowdfunding money I could afford to work with a great audio engineer, Thomas von Pescatore, who helped with the mixing and did the mastering. But it's true that I did nearly everything on my own otherwise. It's easier for me because I only have to rely on myself and not on other people.

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Grandpa's Cough Medicine: "I Wouldn't Call It Luck. More Like Our Hard Work Paying Off"

Thanks to Brett Bass for taking the time to answer although the guys are touring like mad at the moment. Published August 03 2014.

  by Mario

Grandpa's Cough Medicine have been the music category winners at One Spark in Jacksonville this year. I talked to Brett Bass about their One Spark experience and what they'd recommend One Spark Berlin participators ...

50K MUSIC: Grandpa's Cough Medicine is a quite unusual name for a band? Who had the idea and where does it come from?
Brett: It was my idea, I started the band. My grandpa used to give me whiskey, honey and lemon if I got sick as a child before bed, wrapping me in blankets to make me "sweat it out". I thought it would make a good name for a hillbilly band.

50K MUSIC: And who are the guys behind Grandpa's Cough Medicine?
Brett: I'm Brett Bass and it is my brainchild, I play guitar, sing and write a large percentage of the material. We're completely independent, so I also manage and book the band. But I couldn't do it without Jon Murphy who plays bass, sings and also writes songs and Mike Coker who plays banjo.

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Pet The Preacher: "Turn This Band Into Something Unique"

Sadly Pet The Preacher are going to cancel their Sellaband project. I talked to Christian about their reasons. Thanks Christian for answering. Published on June 29 2013.

  by Mario

If you've supported Pet The Preacher on Sellaband there are bad news: they're going to stop their crowdfunding campaign. The good news is, that they won't stop Rocking. I talked to Christian about the reasons why they cancel crowdfunding their upcoming album and about the album itself...

50K MUSIC: Who are Pet The Preacher? Where do you come from, what are your roots and who are your heroes?
Christian: Basically, we are a power-trio from Copenhagen. Torben on bass, Christian on drums and I, Christian, play guitar and sing. We play heavy, blues-infused music, inspired from all spectres of the musical landscape. We are different and have different tastes, but all the classics like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Aerosmith are a big influence. Also bands like Kylesa, Baroness, Kyuss, Metallica, Down, High On Fire, Pentagram and so many other great acts, inspire us everyday.

50K MUSIC: You've just started funding your second album on Sellaband. Rumour has it that you will stop the project soon. Can you unveil your reasons?
Christian: Simple, we did'nt reach our goal. We were too far from what we aimed for. Also we have found some great work-partners, so we can keep on making our art.

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The Cheek of Her: This Support Crushes Some Of My Angst

Thanks to Helen for taking the time for doing this Q&A. Published May 24 2014.

  by Mario

After the release of two five track EPs in 2011 (Passionate Shit) and 2013 (Megaphonic) The Cheek of Her is back with her full album Adult Angst Anonymous which was made possible by the support of her fans on Pledgemusic and will be released on May 30. I talked to her about the album and the direct-to-fan experience ...

50K MUSIC: First please tell us about yourself. Who is The Cheek of Her? Where does the name come from? What are your (musical) roots?
Helen: The Cheek of Her is Helen Dooley, a Female Solo Pop-Rock Artist based in London. I thought up the name as it fits my personality, as I'm a little bit of a joker and love wit and good banter. I can sometimes 'get away' with saying things others can't, so a little bit cheeky for pushing boundaries!...plus you can push it even further in songs!

50K MUSIC: You're about to release your debut album Adult Angst Anonymous in a few days. What can we expect?
Helen: Angst, passion, heart felt vocals and delivery, big drums, piano and well, to tap your feet!

50K MUSIC: Are you happy with your work now you hold the album in your hands?
Helen: Yes! You can start becoming totally obsessive, but then you'd never release anything! I think 10 mixes on some tracks is more than enough striving for my version of perfect! I'm happy :)

50K MUSIC: The album has been successfully funded through pre-orders of your fans on Pledgemusic. Please tell us something about this direct-to-fan experience?
Helen: I was approaching it more from a marketing point of view, as it still costs to arrange creating the video, artwork and constant plugging etc ... and I'm not well known, but wanted to just see how it all works and hope something could come out of it.

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50K MUSIC Special - Krakow Music Scene (4): Kasecierz

Published on Aug 25 2012.

  by Mario

It's the most unusual music I've listened to for a long long time - surfing sound from Lesser Poland. If you're into surfing music you will love the music of Kaseciarz (pronounce: kə'setʃɪʒ). I talked to Maciek, the founder of the band ...

50K MUSIC: For all those who haven't heard of Kaseciarz yet, please tell us something about the band … where do you come from, what are your roots?
Maciek: Kaseciarz started as a solo project in May 2011. I had rehearsals in a building run by priests where teenagers came to play on instruments take dance lessons and generaly hang out so that their youthful bodies would stay away from drugs. I let them use my gear so i had unlimited access to the place and I could play for free and record stuff for free. When the album was finished and released in November 2011 I formed a live band around the music and right now it all sounds a lot different. And also we cannot play there anymore cause we were thrown out for being too loud.

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