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Spectators: Be Smart And Keep Your Noggins Covered

Published April 27 2014.

  by Mario

Early in April the Spectators have released their debut "Paranoia" - Rachel reviewed it a few days ago. I've talked to the guys from Aurora (IL) and gained some really extraordinary insights into Martian-Terrestrial relationship ...

50K MUSIC: There's not much information to find about the Spectators on the interweb. Please tell us something about the band. Where are you from? Where does your (musical) inspiration come from? What are your roots?
Spectators: Ever since we arrived on earth, we've resided in Aurora, IL. Our musical influence comes from all across the universe. Earth is extremely derivative of the folk music of Pluto, which is kind of lame, but there are a few interesting artists here. Our terrestrial influences include Sly and the Family Stone, Katy Perry, Vicente Hernandez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Nate Dogg, Bono, and many more.

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Steorrah: Death Metal Meets Crowdfunding

Thanks to Jonathan and the guys of Steorrah for the interview. Wish you good luck for your crowdfunding campaign on Sellaband. Published on August 20 2013.

  by Jonathan

Hailing from Bonn and Siegen, Germany, Steorrah are just the latest metal band to throw their hats into the crowdfunding ring, this time through the platform of Sellaband. The self-proclaimed progressive death metal band is seeking € 3,000 to complete the recording of their new album, which is currently in pre-production stages and is nearing 50% complete. At this juncture, vocalist and guitarist Andreas Maerz checks in with 50K MUSIC about the campaign thus far and what the new album has in store.

50K MUSIC: Firstly, why did you decide to do a crowdfunding campaign for your new album?
Andreas: When I first read about Amanda Palmer's outstanding campaign, my initial thought was ‘This is never going to work for a band like Steorrah’. The second thought was ‘What on earth have we got to lose if we give it a try?’ A few days later the idea didn't quite seem so bad any more, I had talked to a couple of fans who were very positive about it. It took us a while to create the details and then make the promotional video, and most people seemed to like it.

50K MUSIC: How much are you looking for and what costs are you hoping to cover?
Andreas: We have decided to start at Sellaband's minimum amount of € 3,000. This seemed to be reasonable for what we are doing. And had participation skyrocketed from the get-go, we still would have had the chance to up the ante a bit.

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Lucia Iman: Epic Adrenaline Rushes Of Joy

One of the next "album releasers" is this amazing lady from Spain - Lucia Iman. Her album will come out in autumn this year and I asked her a few questions about her time on SellaBand, the album production process and her future plans and about album promotion:

Q: What were your experiences during the time on SellaBand?
A: Many experiences to list; from epic adrenaline rushes of joy to deep states of frustration and everything in between. What I’m taking with me is the friends I’ve made and the knowing that all is well when I am true to myself and the music.

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Jihae: "It Was A Rewarding Experience But Very Tough"

Jihae successfully funded her upcoming album on Kickstarter a few days ago. Published October 11 2013.

  by Mario

I talked to Jihae about the Kickstarter crowdfunding experience and her soon to be released album which she produced in collaboration with Dave Stewart ...

50K MUSIC: You've just finished the funding for your upcoming album "Illusion of You" on Kickstarter. How do you feel now?
Jihae: Relieved, happy, exhausted and over the moon..

50K MUSIC: Please tell us something about this crowdfunding experience. What do you think were the key success factors?
Jihae: It was a painful yet eye-opening experience.. An all-or-nothing platform is high pressure for the entire period of the campaign, but I guess that's what motivates those that care about your music to support.

Key success factors?
Grow thick skin and don't take anything personally. Everyone needs reminders. Even your close friends can forget or put off creating a new account and finding their Amazon password so they can pledge. I think it was also important to have a very clear outline of what I'm trying to achieve with my goal and do my ultimate best to get the word out there.

Having some press does help but personal emails to your fans not just to pre-order an album package but to join your team to help reach the goal together, I found to be very important. It was heartwarming to get to personally know so many champions of my music who cared as I much as I did for this campaign to succeed. They didn't only help with my morale to keep pushing through but they were also very helpful in promoting the project in their own words as they felt inspired.

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Grandpa's Cough Medicine: "I Wouldn't Call It Luck. More Like Our Hard Work Paying Off"

Thanks to Brett Bass for taking the time to answer although the guys are touring like mad at the moment. Published August 03 2014.

  by Mario

Grandpa's Cough Medicine have been the music category winners at One Spark in Jacksonville this year. I talked to Brett Bass about their One Spark experience and what they'd recommend One Spark Berlin participators ...

50K MUSIC: Grandpa's Cough Medicine is a quite unusual name for a band? Who had the idea and where does it come from?
Brett: It was my idea, I started the band. My grandpa used to give me whiskey, honey and lemon if I got sick as a child before bed, wrapping me in blankets to make me "sweat it out". I thought it would make a good name for a hillbilly band.

50K MUSIC: And who are the guys behind Grandpa's Cough Medicine?
Brett: I'm Brett Bass and it is my brainchild, I play guitar, sing and write a large percentage of the material. We're completely independent, so I also manage and book the band. But I couldn't do it without Jon Murphy who plays bass, sings and also writes songs and Mike Coker who plays banjo.

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Alex Highton: "Just Be A Bit Nicer To Each Other And See What Happens"

Thanks Alex for taking the time to do this Q&A. Published January 18 2014. Photo by Frank van Delft.

  by Mario

It's been a while since we've heard of Alex Highton. He's back crowdfunding his upcoming album "Nobody Knows Anything" on Pledgemusic. There's still time to pledge by the way - 30 days strictly speaking. I talked to him about the album, the Pledgemusic campaign, new and old fans and a lot more ...

50K MUSIC: You're raising funds for your upcoming album "Nobody Knows Anything" on Pledgemusic at the moment. Why does it make sense for people to pledge?
Alex: Well I suppose it only makes sense for people to pledge if they like my songs! For me it means I get to make the record and send it out into the world. The less money I raise up front the less I can do with it when it's finished.

50K MUSIC: There are some familiar faces among the pledgers. Where does the current support come from - old or new fans?
Alex: I think a bit of both. I'm extremely lucky in that I have a small but dedicated bunch of people who have really supported me from the start. It's very humbling actually. I wouldn't be making records without them and I think they know that, so they do what they can. I'm just really grateful that they're willing to get behind me. They also spread the word, so I've had lots of new people get onboard with the project.

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