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Blaudzun: "I Believe An Artist Should Take Risks To Produce Art"

Thanks to Blaudzun for taking the time to answer my questions. Blaudzun will be on tour through Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands from Oct 23 and you can get yourself (+1) a spot on the guest list for a gig of your choice ... we give away 2x2 free tickets to those (two) who are the first to email to mario(at)50kmusic.com ... so hurry up and get your tickets. Photos: top by Andreas Terlaak, below by R. van Vliet. Published October 18 2014.

  by Mario

In May this year we've added Blaudzun's latest album Promises Of No Man's Land to our Just Discovered section. Now he's about to tour Europe over the next months. I've talked to him about the album, playing live and a bit about his view on music crowdfunding ...

50K MUSIC: I guess the first thing everyone will stumble over is the name Blaudzun. What do you have in common with a Danish cyclist from the 1970s?
Blaudzun: I have nothing in common with the guy except that we both love cycling. I'm a big cycling fan. I go to races and watch the classics and the big tours like the Tour de France. I fell in love with the sound of the word Blaudzun when I read about him and kept it as my stage name since. It's not a tribute to the rider.

50K MUSIC: What would you regard as your musical roots? Are there any musical role models?
Blaudzun: As a child I grew up with Dylan, Paco de Lucia, Johnny Cash, opera and lots of spiritual music. Later on I discovered The Beatles, Bowie, Nirvana and lots of hip hop and metal music. That was quite a defining period for me I guess.

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Daniel Ward Murphy: "To Give These Songs A Life Is Why I Do It"

Published on Oct 14 2012.

  by Mario

Daniel Ward-Murphy has released his debut album "Until The Morning Light" in 2008. Now he's back with a new crowdfunding project to finance his follow-up album on Fundrazr. I talked to him about the campaign, the new album and his next steps ...

50K MUSIC: When we talked in September last year, you said that you have enough material for two albums. So it seems to be time for the first one now?
Daniel: Yes, I hope so. It won't happen overnight but all I can say is that the songs are all there and ready to go apart from a few bits of icing. If I didn't believe in them then I wouldn't. I will be simply picking my best songs to record and I think they are my best collection of songs yet.

50K MUSIC: You've decided to use Fundrazr. There was no crowdfunding platform that met your demands?
Daniel: The truth is I would have used a music crowdfunding platform if there was one that was a good fit but there wasn't. I wanted the process to pre-order to be really simple - a few clicks and no registration process to put people off.

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John Allen: "The Most Amazing Adventure I've Ever Had"

My advice: Please read Facebook posts carefully! Published November 11 2013.

  by Mario

I've discovered the music of John Allen literally by accident. A few days ago I've come across a post on Facebook pointing to an interview with John Allen. Since I am a fan of Jon Allen's music (no typo!) I was anxious to read it and surprised to I read about John Allen. So it happened that I got in touch with John for some Q&A - and I'm really happy about discovering his music ...

50K MUSIC: Who is John Allen? Where do you come from? What are your (musical) roots?
John: I currently reside in Hamburg, Germany and I plan to do so for many years to come. It's great city with many different cultural influences. My musical roots, however, are definitely in old American music. I love basically everything that Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits do. I'm desperately in love with the songs auf Paul Simon and classic blues music. Also I'm a big fan of people like Chuck Ragan, Brian Fallon from 'The Gaslight Anthem', Frank Turner, Dave Hause, Cory Branan and Lucero and I'd like to think my musical roots are somewhere right in the middle of that big bunch of talent. As to who I am... well... just me, I guess. I play guitar and sometimes the piano and I do my best to put my thoughts and ideas into songs and sing them to those people that are willing to listen.

50K MUSIC: You've released your debut album "Sounds of Soul and Sin" in April this year. How has it been received?
John: Actually it has, yes. "Sounds" was recorded in March 2013, but many of the songs were written a long time before that. People tell me that they really like the kind of dark and gloomy athmosphere of the album, which obviously makes me very proud. Since it hasn't come out on a label though, it's has definitely not received any widespread praise from magazines or so on. I just like the fact that people that come to my shows eMail me to say they liked the record. That's really what counts for me.

50K MUSIC: A while ago you got in touch with Frank Turner. How come that you've supported him on his Germany tour this year?

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Unsung Lilly: "It's Important As A Musician To Appreciate Everything"

Thanks to Carlos for conducting this great interview with Unsung Lilly. Good luck to the band with your Pledge campaign. Published July 18 2013.

  by Carlos

Unsung Lilly is ready to take the next step after their EP and produce their debut album. We talked to Sera about their Pledgemusic project and the upcoming record...

The band was formed by Sera, Russ, Alan and Wayne who played together for many years in different projects, but when the urge to create their own songs came up they felt like they needed something extra, that's when Frankie joined the band and their current line up took form. The band is not limited by any genres, they just travel around sounds and play whatever feels good. You can cherish the presence of each member as their styles complement each other.

50K MUSIC: What are some of your musical roots?
Sera: We tend to listen more to older artists and bands like Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, Dire Straits, The Police/Sting, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel etc, but also love modern day artists like John Mayer, Corrine Bailey Rae, James Morrisson, Ray Lamontagne, Maroon 5...anything with a bit of soul to it! Frankie and I also are influenced by pop artists as well. I think it's important as a musician or singer to appreciate everything...

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Subset: "As Loud As We Can"

I talked to Romain Daste via Skype on Jan 18 2013, interview published on Jan 20 2013

  by Mario

Holding true to the punk DIY ethos, this 4-piece band is either touring, writing or recording. They are happiest, however, when gigging and meeting their fans. Subset have released their album LOVERDOSE today and they've started their new Sellaband project a few days ago. I talked to guitarist, singer and composer of Subset Romain Daste about Sellaband, touring and the forthcoming album:

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BassMerchant: "Music That Takes Your Mind On A Journey"

Published on Jan 31 2013

  by Mario

BassMerchant announces Legacy - a 20 track album of electronic beauty and turbulence. Legacy is currently the subject of BassMerchant's first ever crowdfunding campaign over on Kickstarter.

BassMerchant has been climbing the charts for Electronic Dance Music on ReverbNation for the last 3 years. He takes the hard edge of Drum and bass & Dubstep and combines it with the Ambient influences, adding a touch of eastern and world music into the mix.

I talked to him about his upcoming album and the further plans ...

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