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Francesca of Amycanbe at The Justin Wayne Show

Listen to the wonderful Francesca of Amycanbe at the latest edition of The Justin Wayne Show. Thanks Justin for your support so far. Published on March 23 2013.

  by Mario

Everyone who has listened to latest edition of The Justin Wayne Show will have noticed the interview with Amycanbe's Francesca. Justin Wayne, extremely committed to the spirit of Indie Music, is the radio host and broadcaster of his own radio show.

A few weeks ago he has discovered the music of Amycanbe, he said when he opened the interview and introduced Amycanbe and especially Francesca. She talked about where Amycanbe come from, their 2011 five song EP "The World Is Round" based on Gertrude Stein's first book for children and the collaboration with a painter who created the special drawings for a small book that came out with the EP.

Then Justin and Francesca talked about Amycanbe's engagement for Amnesty International. "It took us about two years to actually have it and finished to record it", Francesca said about the "Mountain Whales" album and this was the time, when William Poni connected them with AI. "It just happened when the album was out like a parallel process", Francesca explained.

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Thulium: "Finish It All By Winning A Few Grammies!"

This interview was real fun, although we talked only via e-mail. Thanks to Rob and Boubou for taking the time to answer. Check out their Kickstarter project and support them. Published June 03 2013.

  by Mario

Thulium have started their Kickstarter project to fund their upcoming album about one month ago. They still have 32 days left and already funded over 50% of their goal. I talked to Rob and Boubou about their project and the upcoming album ...

50K MUSIC: Please tell us something about Thulium. Where do you come from, what are your roots?
Roberto: We come from very different places, Boubou is from France, Rob the drummer, he is from the UK, Jock our bassist is from South Africa, Leon is Brazilian and I come from Spain, but we all share same taste in music.

50K MUSIC: About one month ago you've started your funding project on Kickstarter. How did you find the way to crowd funding?
Boubou: We've already produced a single through a crowd-funding website before. It was released in June 2010 and featured the songs "Craving", "Running" & "90 Days Of Sorrow". It was very successful. We were actually the only British Rock band produced on that website which was great, but it was a small website and as of late, they faced financial difficulties. It became logical for us to open our music to a new audience, to a worldwide audience and through a stronger website. Kickstarter is the place to be for that.
Roberto: Yeah, this time it's proving to be more of a challenge but we've hit 50% mark and we have 30 days ahead so I think we will make it.

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Death Metal Without Borders - Defect Designer Going International With New Album

Published November 23 2013.

  by Jonathan

Novosibirsk, Siberia, may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of death metal but it’s from that land that Defect Designer originally hails. Their formation has taken quite a few twists and turns, namely the number of line-up shifts that has left Dmitry Sukhinin the lone original member and of course the band leader. He’s also relocated to Norway, to avail of a work opportunity.

“We have quite a complicated case about the band,” says Dmitry. “[Novosibirsk] is a million and a half by population but we’ve always struggled with musicians in the city and we managed to do the first record [Wax].”

Nevertheless the band, though its line-up fragile at the time, were determined to record this first record, Wax, and even did so in Hertz Studio in Białystok, Poland, which has housed some Polish death metal greats such as Vader and Decapitated. That however was nearly five years ago and much has changed for Defect Designer.

“After a couple of years of struggling within the band I got an offer to join the company [I work for] in Norway that I accepted so basically I had to re-establish the band from the very beginning,” explains Dmitry, clearly laden with several obstacles in trying to get Defect Designer off the ground. The band’s second album is now, unsurprisingly, turning into an international affair.

Launching a crowd-funding campaign on Music Raiser, Dmitry has successfully raised the desired $1,500 (€1,100) to record the new record with some high profile names, including one Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy. The Montreal death metal drummer has long been a luminary in the field of extreme metal drumming and Dmitry is quite proud to have him involved but how did this come about?

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Oskar Schuster: "Live My Dream As A Free, Independent Artist"

Published October 16 2014. Win a "Sneeuwland" CD signed by Oskar. The first two readers who send an e-mail to mario(at)50kmusic.com will get it directly from Oskar.

  by Mario

We've featured Oskar Schuster when he funded his album "Sneeuwland" on Sellaband. Now he's on Pledgemusic with his current crowdfunding project - his third album to be released in May 2015. I talked to him about the Pledgemusic campaign, his upcoming album and what he's busy with at the moment ...

50K MUSIC: It's been about half a year ago when we talked last time. What have you been busy with since then?
Oskar: It was quite a busy time. Shortly after the release of my album „Sneeuwland" in March, I started to work on a piano solo EP which I released in July. I also made two music videos and was busy with promoting and distributing my music and piano sheets. As I do everything on my own, there’s a lot of other things I have to take care of apart from just creating and recording the music.

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Gabriel Scar: "Music That Will Speak To Your Heart"

Thanks to Gabriel for taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck with your funding. Published on June 29 2013.

  by Mario

Gabriel Scar has raised well over a half of his budget on Sellaband. I talked to him about his campaign and his upcoming debut album...

50K MUSIC: Please introduce yourself, who is Gabriel Scar? Where do you come from, what are your (musical) roots?
Gabriel: Well, Gabriel Scar is actually the artist name for Gunther Huyghe, from the small city of Willebroek, in Belgium. My musical roots start on a young age, when I became 2nd in the Belgian Championship for copper instruments. I played the cornet (a small trumpet with a warm sound). But I wasn’t really into the more classical music.

So I stopped, to become a cyclist in competition. But after an accident (broke my leg in three places) I had to stop that. That’s when I started singing. In February 2004. By the way, the SCAR in my artist name comes from the scar that is still on my left leg, after the big accident.

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Katy & The Escort Orchestra - Sparklingsoul Sounds Pretty Nice

Katy and the Orchestra answered my questions via e-mail. Published on Feb 19 2013.

  by Mario

Katy and The Escort Orchestra started their collaboration back in 2010. They are raising funds for a debut album on Sellaband. I talked to them about their project and about Sparklingsoul...

50K MUSIC: Please tell us something about Katy & The Escort Orchestra. Where do you come from? What are your roots?
KEO: We are from Switzerland. KEO it`s the solo project of Katrin Züllig. But we are a Band. So all of us are Studying Jazz or has studying. Our sound is like the old Soul an R'n'B. Like Ottis Redding or Ray Charles. These are our roots!

50K MUSIC: You call your sound Sparklingsoul. How did you "invented" this very special sound?
KEO: I guess it`s a mix between R'n'B, Pop, Motown and Soul! So we was searching for a pretty catchy sound name! So Sparklingsoul sounded pretty nice! :-D

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