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Delaney Gibson: "Utterly Grateful For All The Outpouring Support"

Thanks to Delaney Gibson for answering my questions by email. Delaney, you're awesome. Published on April 06 2013.

  by Mario

Delaney Gibson should be more than happy with how her Pledgemusic project goes, and she is. She has raised more than 130% of her goal for her upcoming album "Tall Like The Tree". I talked to her about the funding and her plans ...

50K MUSIC: In your Pledgemusic pitch video you call for money. What will you use all the money for?
Delaney: Making a record costs a lot of money! I'll have to pay for a Producer, musicians, recording, mastering, photography, artwork, music videos, radio promotion, publicity, and tour support.

50K MUSIC: I guess you're happy with how the project has developed so far?
Delaney: I am, the record has been finished since last year. We've had to push back the release date in hopes to raise more money for promotion. I cannot wait until we can release this. It really is my best work to date.

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The Imaginary Suitcase: "I'm An Old Fart And I Love It..."

Laurent Leemans of Belgian band The Imaginary Suitcase answered my questions via e-mail. Thanks Laurent for this. Published November 08 2013.

  by Mario

A while ago I've discovered the music of The Imaginary Suitcase which affected me in a curious way. When you listen to their songs you maybe understand this. It's also the reason why I asked Laurent Leemans, the musical head of The Imaginary Suitcase, to answer a few questions about their work ...

50K MUSIC: Who is The Imaginary Suitcase, where do you come from, what are your roots?
Laurent: The Imaginary Suitcase is a moniker for the music made on his own by Laurent Leemans, Belgian citizen currently living in Tubize, a small town approximately 30 kms southwest of Brussels.

I have been playing music since 1990, first in a two-chords-punk band named Moïse & les Manches de Pioches (we were not even able to cover a Ramones track…), then in an arty-post-punk sextet named La Vierge du Chancelier Rolin that had great potential and attracted some attention in Belgium but which egotrips and bad management killed by the end of the nineties. Meanwhile, I had joined Ceilí Moss, a folk-rock outfit that started as an average Celtic band and evolved into, to cut a long story short, a mix between The Pogues and Louise Attaque. This band is still alive and kicking and organizing a special tour for its 20th anniversary in the autumn of 2014.

In 2009, I decided to record some songs that were not selected by Ceilí Moss (too quiet, most of the time) and see what would happen. I had good reactions, so I decided to take this experience a step further, and further, and further…

50K MUSIC: You've released your current album "Full Moon Fever" in early September. How has it been received by your fans?
Laurent: Pretty well. In fact, I expected so little of this project that the smallest bit of attention I get drives me nuts with ecstasy ;) Seriously, I got mostly good reactions, for which I’m thankful! When you release an album, you discover people are actually quite nice and wish the best for you, which is a serious contrast with everyday life.

50K MUSIC: ... and how about the critics?

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The Year of The Firehorse

This interview has originally been published on September 24 2011.

  by Mario

Music magazines mostly search for comparisons when they try to describe a musician and her music: "... She sounds like a mix of someone or other...", "...she's the new long-time-no-hear...". I hate this hunt for analogies. Anyway none would fit in this case I think. Leah Siegel (with her band Firehorse) goes her own musical way and it's a real pleasure to listen to her (their) upcoming album "And So They Run Faster". I asked Leah about the funding on Pledgemusic, the album and her further plans...

50K MUSIC: For all those who don't know you yet (if there's anyone at all), please tell us something about Firehorse. Where do you come from, what are your roots?

Leah: please refer to the appendix fig. 1

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Lucia Lilikoi: "This Is The Transformation Of Pain Into Beauty"

Lucia's crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is still running ... support her with her upcoming album Vessel. Published April 13 2015.

  by Mario

Lucia Lilikoi is well known among Sellaband believers. In 2008 she funded her album Tame The Night with the support of her fans. Now she's back with her new album Vessel and we can create something great again together. I talked to Lucia about her current Indiegogo campaign ...

50K MUSIC: It's been a while since we've talked. I think it was about 6 years ago. How has the world been treating you since then?
Lucia: Hi! it's been a while indeed. I moved to the Bay Area of San Francisco about 3 years ago, where I've met people in the consciousness movement, misfits and freaks like myself. I have been teaching a lot and wrote the original score for a documentary film about renewable energy last year. Building a vegetable garden and learning about the natural beauty here. Oh, I've also been writing, recording and producing songs for my new album, Vessel.

50K MUSIC: For everyone who doesn't know you already, please tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you come from, what are your roots?
Lucia: I'm trying to figure that out myself! I come from the stars, like most of us. But I was born in Sevilla, Spain, and grew up in a town near Madrid called Majadahonda. When I was 16 my whole family embarked on a trip across the Ocean to Malibu, California. Since then I lived in Boston, travelled around a lot and now I live in Marin, north of San Francisco.

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Rue Royale: Join The Journey

Brookln Dekker answered my questions via e-mail. Published on Feb 02 2013.

  by Mario

I'm a fan of their music since "Guide To An Escape". No question for me to support their current Kickstarter project. Rue Royale are raising funds for their third album. Please consider to become a backer - still 15 days left...

50K MUSIC: You're originally hailing from Chicago. How come that you live in Nottingham (UK) now?
Brookln: That's right, I'm from Chicago. Ruth is from Staffordshire, England. She lived in the States for a few years with me but once we started touring in Europe more we decided we wanted to be nearer to that as well as nearer to Ruth's family so we moved to England and found a nice place in Nottingham.

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Broadway Killers: "We Have The Best Community Of People Supporting Us"

Thanks to Emil and the guys for this interview via e-mail. Wish you good luck with the Band Contest. Published on April 22 2013.

  by Mario

There are exactly 5 days left to join Sellaband Band Contest 2013 as a supporter. About one week ago I introduced Hogan from Ireland. And here is the second band in the contest, being in the lead at the moment - most of you may have heard of the Broadway Killers already. If you like their music and want them to tour Germany next year don't hesitate and get them some support...

50K MUSIC: Sellaband has just started the Band Contest 2013. How come that you joined it?
Broadway Killers: In fact it started a while ago, but I forgot to answer your mail :) Anyway, let’s just say that we had a really good experience funding our debut album through Sellaband. Mainly that is why we thought this competition could be fun. Also we thought and still we think that we can beat the other two bands. We have the best community of people supporting us.

50K MUSIC: You're old hands in crowdfunding business. Do you think you have some sort of advantage?
Broadway Killers: Well, I think we have some experience at least and maybe that could be an advantage. But the main thing we have is our community which just supports us any time we ask for it. Just a note on this: In fact we were about to cancel our May tour because a promoter made a very late cancellation of a gig. We told people this on facebook but then one fan saved our entire May tour by buying an acoustic concert through the Sellaband Contest. Ain’t that f**kin’ cool, huh!!?

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