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Cruelty, Cynisism, Romanticism

This interview has originally been published in April 2011.

  by Mario

Lately I talked to an old hand in fan-funding business - Metibla joined SellaBand in 2007 and they still want to raise their budget. Riccardo talks about their music and their further plans...

50K MUSIC: Where do you come from? What are the roots of Metibla? Riccardo: I’m from Rome, Italy, but I’m not so proud to be Italian. I mean… we had a lot of wonderful Art in the past, and we had probably one of the best movie and literature scene after the world war two…but today, Italy is just a useless country for old people. No work, No art, bad quality of life. My life is NOW, not in the past, and It’s so ridiculous that the only thing that you can save of this country is the food. Nowadays my country's economy is based on the restaurants; people says “Ok we’re dying but we have a delicious kitchen!”. Everybody are depressed for that but nobody is able to react anymore. Italy needs a revolution right now. The roots of Metibla are the “genuine” Italian roots: I tried to take the best from my country ... Cruelty, Cynicism, Romanticism. Italy never had a good rock scene in the past because we were too busy to putting bombs against politicians instead of live our youth and create our “rock & roll” revolution. Most of the people in Italy don’t know classic rock because the Christian democracy a long time ago was against the music of the devil. In that way, Metibla is against the Christian Democracy.

50K MUSIC: With your music project you follow a quite different approach. Please tell us something about that. Riccardo: All my songs are composed in my room, alone or when I’m drunk. I switch on the pc and I start to record something. If the day after I still think about that song, I start to work on it, composing an electro base for my friend/guitar player Paolo Alvano. When we think that the song is finished we record it at Home Lobo Studio, where V Fisik start to think about arrangements that could satisfied both of us.

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Angie's Musical Evolution

This interview has originally been published in June 2012.

  by Mario

Angie Arsenault, Montreal based singer, has finished fan funding for her upcoming album on SellaBand in November last year. The new album marks a step change in evolution for her musical work. I talked to her about this album and her further plans...

50K MUSIC: You've released your new EP, Shadow Revelations, in April this year, the short film to the EP has been online for some months now. Please tell us something about this quite huge project.
Angie: Well, to be honest, the project really took on a life of its own! It started out with just a simple idea: create a short film type music video to promote my first album, Once Upon A Dream. But as new songs started flowing out, they took on a bigger space in my life and I felt the need to focus on them, and so the short film ended up being created for them, or perhaps the other way around! I wrote, recorded and produced the songs from my tiny box of a recording studio, with my piano midi controller, exploring new sounds and new ways of writing my songs. I am also thrilled to be featuring a French text written by well-known author, Roger Tabra, as well as a lovely prose written by Mark Payne featured on the full-length version of the album.

50K MUSIC: The EP is downloadable for free. How do you make a living of music?
Angie: I have been teaching voice and piano from my private studio for over 12 years now and more recently, I started writing music for other projects (other artists, short films, websites and advertising). I have a hard time keeping still and love the challenge of working in different ways, on different types of projects.

50K MUSIC: How do you think the short film will help to promote your album?
Angie: The short film has been an expression in parts of the creative process for me. Much of today’s approach to getting heard is to explore new ways of expression and new ways of reaching out to the public. I felt the need to explore a new avenue of the creative realm and hopefully, this will resonate with viewers who relate to my music and what I have to share as an artist. Being that much of today’s music is experienced online, I find it very important to have the visual element such as a video as a gateway to the music. I felt that creating a short film would be an excellent way to give another type of experience to the fans by bringing them even deeper into my world of creation, and the pressures that come along with doing so in today’s music industry. For those with short attention spans, a shorter version of the film is now ready to go online along with the official release of the album. ;)

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I'm Sure I'll Be A Recognized Artist

This interview has originally been published in May 2010.

  by Mario

50K M: On May 15th you finally reached your goal on SellaBand. Please tell us how you experienced that day. Sylvain: There was only 30 parts missing the morning and around midday, I saw again my page and it was done. Eduardl a new believer from Spain took the 30 last parts. I was very happy and sent a message to Eduardl to thank him. After I sent messages on facebook and myspace to inform my contacts.

50K M: You have a budget of 25,000 $ at your disposal now. What are your plans to spend this money? Sylvain: I'm going to realize my album of 11 songs for 16,500$ for the recording, mixing, mastering, musicians and producer. There will be 2,000 $ for the cost of my travel in United States. 2,000$ for the duplication of 1,000 CDs with art designs. 400 or 500$ for the shipping for the believers .

50K M: Do you already have a time line for the album production? Please give us some details. Sylvain: I will record my album at the Group Effort Studios near Cincinnati,USA. I will be in United States on July 5th . The first week we are going to prepare the recording with Jim Mason who will be the producer. After there will be 2 weeks in studio with musicians and Jeff Monroe, the co-owner of the Group Effort Studios. After we will finish to realize my album for some days before July 30th. On the way back in France we are going to realize art designs and duplication of 1000 CDs. Everything will be finished in late August or early September.

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Gisel de Marco: My Personal Signature

50K MM: You have reached 50k on Aug 25th 2008 (my birthday). Please tell us something about what has happened since then.

Gisel: Ohhhh!!! so many things!!! Since that August 25th, I feel like in a music rollercoster!! I started to search the "perfect" producer for my album in all around the world and writing songs like crazy! I knew that finding the best producer possible would make a huge difference in the quality and style of the album, which could be the clue to reach bigger audiences, and maybe getting a record deal. That's why I've decided to work with Marcus Bishop an English producer and drummer from Dover, UK. Since then, I had to choose between more than 60 songs that I've wrote specially for my album, and that was such a hard task to do! I had to decide between ballads, mid-tempo songs and up-tempo, but always having in mind what's current, to be able to make this album "big"!

50K MM: When will your album come out? What kind of album can we expect? Please give us some insights.

Gisel: Right now, we're finishing the last details before starting to create the album. The photographer is finishing the pictures, the mastering engineer is mastering the album, and I'm finishing some bonus tracks that will be part of the limited editions. I can guess that the album will be released around mid April, as SAB needs a month and a half to create the cds. It's a lot of work, but I can guarantee that the results will be amazing!!! The album will be a mixture of powerful ballads, current and electronic mid-tempo songs and very catchy and funny up-tempo songs. There will be a song for each taste but always keeping my personal signature. I've made my utmost to give all my believers the best album possible, and I've even hired the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra who did an amazing and beautiful job! I just hope that people will love my album as much as I do!

50K MM: Is there anything we can do to support you at the moment?

Gisel: Well, anything that you have in mind would be great to help me promoting the album. I realize that this is the most important and hardest step in a recording process, so telling people about the album, uploading links of videos and songs and just spreading the word, would be more than enough to take this album further. And, of course! Your messages of love and support!!! there's nothing more beauuuuutiful for me than that!!! :)

50K MM: What are your plans after the album release (listening session, promotion, live gigs, ...)?

Gisel: Once the album is released, I'm planning to set up a listening session as I'd love to know how believers like my album and I won't miss the opportunity to answer all their questions. I have a wonderful news and it's that I'll be moving to Switzerland by next week, which will help me a lot on planning gigs and festivals and I'll be able to travel all around Europe to promote the album and meet my believers. And at least, but not less important, I'll get in touch with music business's people to promote the album and eventually achieve a record deal. I don't know what the future might bring but one thing is for sure, I'll do my absolutely best to make my believer's future and mine, a bright and musical one.


Do You Want To Hear Any More Music?

This post has originally been published in September 2010.

  by Mario

 He was definitely one of my favourite artists on SellaBand, although I joined SellaBand too late to invest in his first album "Circles & Squares". Btw, he is still one of my favourite artists. Yesterday Francis Rodino has released his new EP, again funded by his truest fans. I asked him a few questions - here are his answers ...

50K MUSIC: For all those, who haven't heard about you yet (in case there is someone at all), please tell us something about you. Where do you come from? What are your roots? Francis: Roots lie in New York, but grew up also in Italy and the last years have been in London.

50K MUSIC: Quite a while ago your album „Circles and Squares“ was released. What happened since then? Francis: Since then, I've been working with a new band lineup, playing less, but more larger scale shows in London, and of course, recording and releasing my new EP!

50K MUSIC: Your going to release your new EP on September 2. Are you satisfied with the result of your work? Please tell us something about the album production. Francis: It was produced by George Shilling and indeed was a very different product to Cirlces & Squares. We had a tighter budget and timeline so we made sure we were well practiced and basically recorded the band as it was. It's a very different sound to C&S, but it's also about trying different recording techniques and processes to see what you end up with.

50K MUSIC: You financed this EP again with the help of your fans on Pledgemusic. Was it different to your fan funding project on SellaBand? Francis: Not too different, although, I think the people who contributed to the EP fund were more hard-core fans. There is not misleading process of return on investment (like the SAB model was) so nobody can complain. For me there was a rhetorical question posed to my fans: do you want to hear any more music? And for some, the answer was "yes", so using Pledge was the way I could raise some funds for the project.

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I'm In It For The Long Haul

This interview has originally been published in May 2011.

  by Mario

I've discovered Phil Lomac on SellaBand quite a while ago. Now we've managed to get our interview done. And I'm happy about that ... because his music is really worth supporting. So don't let him down with his music project ... he really deserves to get our support ...

50K MUSIC: Who are you, where do you come from, ...? Please tell us something about Phil Lomac.

Phil: Musician Songwriter, currently in Chicago, grew up in Germany, starting playing music there, was there when the Berlin Wall opened up, stood on top of it, very inspirational since have been in many bands and played all over from the Hard Rock Cafes to the Chicken Wire clubs in South Georgia. You can get a little more info and hear music at http://www.phillomac.com

50K MUSIC: How did you discover SellaBand? What do you expect there?

Phil: I forget how I discovered it...was just looking for a place to raise money for a recording. I did something similar on a previous album. I had 50 friends and family invest small amounts that together equaled enough to do a complete recording and release. There are other things out there now too like kickstarter.com. A lot of littles can make a big idea happen.

50K MUSIC: How are you going to convince people to believe (and invest) in you?

Phil: I have been doing music for over 20 years, I have 3 kids now and I am still pursuing my passion. I am in it for the long haul. You don't play because you want to make it, you play because you love it, I guess I can't really ever let it go once it got in me.

50K MUSIC: It seems to be hard to raise funds on SellaBand at the moment. Do you have a plan B for funding your music?

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