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Lischkapelle: "We Dreamed Of That So Long ..."

The guys of LischKapelle answered my questions via e-mail. Thanks Susi, Karin, Andreas, Mathias, Gurdan and Markus for your support. Love your music. Published on March 18 2013.

  by Mario

If you want to listen to Bavarian folk music in a new way you definitely won't get around LischKapelle. They've created Bavaro Indie Pop and are still raising funds for their debut album on Sellaband. If you want to be a part of it you'll have to hurry - only a few parts left there. I talked to them about the crowdfunding, how they got together and their plans for the album ...

50K MUSIC: You're raising funds on Sellaband since the beginning of December. I guess you're happy with the progress so far?
LischKapelle: Of course! We are really overwhelmed how much money we already have together...our dream will soon come true.

50K MUSIC: How did you find the way to Sellaband?
LischKapelle: In Summer 2012 we won the House of Music Bandcontest in Munich. Sellaband was one of the sponsores there and supported the winner with 500 € for a crowdfunding project on Sellaband.

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The Deltahorse: "We Carve Out A Dirty Soundtrack For The Night"

Thanks to Sash and Vadim for taking the time to answer my questions. Published April 14 2015.

  by Mario

A few days ago Sash from The Deltahorse got in touch to ask if I could support their crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser. When digging deeper into their music and corresponding with Sash for a while I was overwhelmed by their commitment. I can't in no sense understand why they haven't reached their funding goal yet. So if you love their music as much as I do please consider to pledge.

I talked to Sash and Vadim about their special way to make music together, the crowdfunding experience and their upcoming album ...

50K MUSIC: Who is The Deltahorse? First of all please tell us a bit about the band.
Sash: Mario, let me first thank you for having us! We appreciate this opportunity, thanks for taking an interest in The Deltahorse. We are an Indie/Alternative band comprised of three members who have never been altogether in the same place at the same time. We are scattered over the globe so we don’t know each other really well. But we appreciate and feel each other, even though there’s this bloody virtual gap standing in the way. If I were to describe our sound I would say The Deltahorse are probably your gritty soundtrack for a night out in a shady bar. Joshua Pickard of nooga.com once described our sound as ’mammoth slabs of thunderous bass, sax riffs and thudding melodies’.

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It’s All About Struggle – Andrew Horn on “Twisted F*cking Sister”

This time we have a cool Indiegogo project to feature: a film about the early Twisted Sister years in New York by Andrew Horn. Thanks to Sabine for interviewing him. Published January 15 2014.

  by Sabine

“I love you!” This is what most people say when they meet Dee Snider. But – what does it mean? Maybe “Twisted F*cking Sister” could help to answer this: The so called Iron Men of Rock’n’Roll are about to celebrate their 40th birthday. And – maybe as a kind of a gift – film maker Andrew Horn made a documentary about their first ten years of club life from the early Seventies to the early Eighties. I talked to Andrew about his soft spot for painted people, the fact that having no money but time can be good for making movies and how similar the band history is to his own story of making this film.

50K MUSIC: What did you know about Twisted Sister before you started the project? Did they mean anything to you?
Andy: My connection to Twisted Sister came from my previous film, “The Nomi Song” about the New Wave singer Klaus Nomi. Twisted weren’t really on my radar at all but I must have known enough about them to automatically think that the idea of Klaus Nomi opening for them was a recipe for a spectacular disaster. Which it was.

So I met Dee Snider and Jay Jay French while researching that story for the movie and Jay Jay then appeared in the film describing the wild scene that erupted when Nomi, a German operatic counter-tenor and performance artist, was booked to open for Twisted in a club in suburban New Jersey. After the film was completed, Jay Jay and I spent an afternoon together where he started filling my head with stories about Twisted’s own wild shows in the bars. Jay Jay’s description of what he called “bar band shtick”, which is the various ploys they used to engage their crowd in the bars, sounded to me like its own kind of performance art – just for a whole other type of crowd. And the kinds of things they would come up with, seemed to me to be pretty surreal. This sounded interesting and the more I followed up on it, the more I realized there was a real story there. And it was engaging on a human level, but sometimes it could get just as surreal as the atmosphere of the shows.

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John Allen: "Thanks Chuck, You Were Right!"

John Allen reveals the title of his upcoming album ... exclusively to 50K MUSIC MAG readers. Just read the interview he did with Sabine. Published March 16 2014.

  by Sabine

He has a beautiful sense of humor, an amazing throaty voice and a real bunch of talent: John Allen could just be the nice guy next door – or one of the heartiest songwriters you heard during the last decade. In our Q&A he talks about how it feels to reach 90% of a crowdfunding target in 20% of the time and – exclusively for 50K MUSIC – he reveals the title of his second album.

50K MUSIC: Where are you right now?
John: Right now I am in Krefeld. We've played a show at the KulTube in Moenchengladbach last night and went to stay with friends in Krefeld who were nice enough to offer us a place to sleep!

50K MUSIC: How is your tour going so far?
John: The tour is going very well, really. We're playing a mixture of bars, small clubs and house shows: For our house shows in Hamburg and Koblenz about 60 people turned up, which is quite a lot to fit into a living room. The show at Schokoladen in Berlin was also epic.

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Sasha Daniel: My Heart Is In My Music

Thanks to Sasha for taking the time to answer (and sorry for being late with publishing the Q&A). Photo by Alexander Kinik. Published December 07 2014.

  by Mario

It's been a while since I've talked to Sasha but due to being a bit ill and really busy over the last weeks I haven't managed to publish it earlier (so some questions might not be as current as they should be). But there's still time to support her debut album project on Kickstarter. Enjoy reading ...

50K MUSIC: For a start, who are you?  Please tell us a bit about yourself.
Sasha: Hey! I am Sasha. I'm a Brooklyn based musician and i'm a serious traveler so nothing is ever set in stone. By this time next year I might be in Berlin or Tel Aviv or Colorado :) It seems like I'm constantly shifting my destiny. Or at least I want to believe I do, despite the knowledge that density is really not up for me to design. When I was 6 my (musician) parents took me, my brother and everything they owned and moved to israel. At the age of seven I started dancing and never left the stage since. Inspiration is my biggest friend, patience is my hardest lesson, gratitude makes me stronger and LOVE is everything to me. I'm an eternal optimist but at the same time extremely realistic and grounded. I still didn't figure out if this combination is a blessing or a curse. But it's who I am so i guess it's a blessing! Man, I feel like i just wrote a bio for a dating site :)

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Hogan: "Fans And People Believe In Us Make Our Lives Amazing"

Thanks to Hogan for answering my questions via email. I wish you success with the Sellaband Band Contest. Published April 13 2013.

  by Mario

Quite accurate 2 weeks left to support your favourite band on Sellaband Band Contest 2013. Here is the first interview with Hogan. They're one of the competitors. There's no time to lose to help them win the competition. Because there will be only one!

50K MUSIC: Sellaband has just started the Band Contest 2013. How come that you joined it?
Hogan: We felt that this was a great idea and would be a great platform to use for the bands growth. We also felt that it's a great way for fans to really be a part of the band and show that they really can make a difference and help a band to their goal.

50K MUSIC: Is this your first crowdfunding experience?
Hogan: Yes, this is our very first time doing a project like this. And we're really enjoying it.

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