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The Year of The Firehorse

This interview has originally been published on September 24 2011.

  by Mario

Music magazines mostly search for comparisons when they try to describe a musician and her music: "... She sounds like a mix of someone or other...", "...she's the new long-time-no-hear...". I hate this hunt for analogies. Anyway none would fit in this case I think. Leah Siegel (with her band Firehorse) goes her own musical way and it's a real pleasure to listen to her (their) upcoming album "And So They Run Faster". I asked Leah about the funding on Pledgemusic, the album and her further plans...

50K MUSIC: For all those who don't know you yet (if there's anyone at all), please tell us something about Firehorse. Where do you come from, what are your roots?

Leah: please refer to the appendix fig. 1

fig. 1

50K MUSIC: You will officially release your album "And So They Ran Faster..." on September 27th. Please tell us something about this project.

Leah: it's the most honest work i've ever done..... or is it!??!

50K MUSIC: You funded this album on Pledgemusic. Was this your first experience with fan funding?

Leah: it's the wave of the future and no one's doing it the way Pledge is.

50K MUSIC: Do you think fan funding is THE way for you to finance your music in the future?

Leah: well, i'm hoping that people will buy my record and THAT will fund my next one and so on and so forth... but if i have to go back to the fans for funding, that'll be the move

50K MUSIC: What are your further plans after the album release?

Leah: to work it

50K MUSIC: Will we see Firehorse on stage soon (maybe even in Europe)?

Leah: yes of course. you can catch Firehorse at least once a month in new york. and in LA on the 18th at the bootleg. i'm hoping europe will come by the spring

50K MUSIC: Anything you want your fans to know?

Leah: i love you. i'd be nowhere without you. and that's the truth.

The album will be out next Tuesday (Sep 27th) via Pledgemusic Recordings. So watch out ...

Must listen to:

  • "Our Hearts" - Free download
  • "Machete Gang Holiday" - a true listening pleasure
  • "If You Don't Want To Be Alone" - a rather slow one
  • "My Left Eye" - where Leah dares some classical stuff