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The W Lovers: "I'm Humbled To Know That We Have A Small Growing Army Of Wonderful Believers Behind Us"

Published July 17 2015. Photos by Laura Tait Photography (top left) and Kurt Clark (bottom right).

  by Mario

A good old friend needs our support. Fleur Jack is back on Indiegogo. Together with her husband Wesley she's currently crowdfunding the upcoming debut album of The W Lovers. I talked to her about living in Seattle while missing New Zealand, the album and how music crowdfunding has changed over the years ...

50K MUSIC: It's been almost exactly two years ago since we've talked. How has the world been treating you since then?
Fleur: It's crazy to think how quickly time goes by. My son Phoenix will be two on August 12th and it has literally flown by. We played 125 shows in 2014 and we must be up to 50 for this year already, so we've been playing hard, working hard and enjoying parenthood! We've been really busy trying to gain momentum and get our name out there. In the meantime, we've been able to make music our living which hasn't been easy but we've got our head above the water and food in the fridge.

50K MUSIC: Now you make music together with your husband, right? Please tell us about The W Lovers.
Fleur: We love each other and we love music so it was always a matter of time before we joined forces. We have been together (musically) since the start of 2014 and we write when we find the time. As for writing 'together' it's a work in progress, we mostly write the bulk of a song separate and then collaborate when it's already got it's backbone. Figuring out how not to fight while writing together is an interesting process because we're both so passionate. We play live more than we practice at the moment but we are actually practicing about once a week with our band now which we're really happy about.

50K MUSIC: You've been living in Seattle for about three years now. Do you miss New Zealand?
Fleur: Every dang day but it's about the people more than the place. I love my family back home so much and it kills me not to be able to hang out in person. Especially raising a baby with our play dates on Skype. My Sister has a baby boy who is just darling and I hate missing out on him growing up.

50K MUSIC: ... and what about the music scene in Seattle? Is it different from the Kiwi music scene?
Fleur: Same, same but different. I had played in my old rock band The Twitch for 10 years, so I knew all the bands we were playing with really, really well. I have met so many amazing musicians over here and I feel really accepted but I totally still feel like the new kid on the block.

50K MUSIC: The W Lovers are planning to release their debut album soon. With this end in mind you've started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Are you happy with how it has run so far?
Fleur: I'm absolutely thrilled with how it's going. We have no professional recordings and nobody knows what we're hoping to sound like, so the fact that people are helping out and donating, buying CD's and Tshirts etc is amazing to us. We are so grateful to everyone that has now become a part of our love story.

50K MUSIC: You're an old-stager when it comes to music crowdfunding. You've run several campaigns on Sellaband and Indiegogo so far. What do you think has changed in the crowdfunding scene since your first campaign on Sellaband in 2009?
Fleur: Way back in those Sellaband days, people still seemed really put off at the idea of putting money in a website and trying to convince people to buy a $10 CD that they wouldn't get for a while, seemed hard to grasp. It's a wonderful thing now that people are used to the idea. When I raised the money for my first CD Ghosts of Cimarron, it took me a whole year to get people on board and reach my target. There was no time limit. Now that there is, we have 60 days to raise our target and that makes it a little more challenging.

50K MUSIC: Have you met any old friends from Sellaband during your current Indiegogo campaign?
Fleur: Yes, a few of my old supporters have jumped on board. There are some that helped my second solo CD too. They are true life long fans that really inspire me to keep pushing forward. I love knowing that I'm doing this for them as well as myself. I've stayed with a few people and had dinners and such, while touring through their towns and it has been so nice to put faces to the names when I have the chance to meet people that have helped me so much.

50K MUSIC: What comes next for The W Lovers after the crowdfunding?
Fleur: The Studio and gigs, gigs, more gigs haha. While the fundraiser has been running, we played 17 shows in June and 12 shows this July. August is shaping up to be just as busy and when the fall comes here in Seattle, I hope to be working on pre-production with a producer.

50K MUSIC: And as always my last question: anything you want your fans and funders to know?
Fleur: That I love them. No, I 'W' Love them. And there's ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT TO HELP!!! haha - Sorry for shouting xx It takes an army to raise a baby and an album is much the same (I'm doing both). Making and creating music is the best feeling to me and I'm humbled to know that I have a small growing army of wonderful believers behind us backing this album.


Upcoming shows:

Jul 18 - Portland Saturday Market - Portland, OR
Jul 24 - Black Dog - Snoqualmie, WA
Jul 25 - Kelly's Mercantile - Enumclaw, WA
Jul 30 - Da Vine Wine Bar - Maple Valley, WA
Jul 31 - Sigillo Cellars - Snoqualmie, WA
Aug 05 - SUBSTATION - Seattle, WA
Aug 07 - Belltown Beats - Seattle, WA
Aug 15 - Portland Saturday Market w/ Fleur Jack- Musician,... - Portland, OR
Aug 15 - Ranger station - Portland, OR
Aug 28 - DER HINTERHOF - Leavenworth, WA