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Oskar Schuster: "Live My Dream As A Free, Independent Artist"

Published October 16 2014. Win a "Sneeuwland" CD signed by Oskar. The first two readers who send an e-mail to mario(at)50kmusic.com will get it directly from Oskar.

  by Mario

We've featured Oskar Schuster when he funded his album "Sneeuwland" on Sellaband. Now he's on Pledgemusic with his current crowdfunding project - his third album to be released in May 2015. I talked to him about the Pledgemusic campaign, his upcoming album and what he's busy with at the moment ...

50K MUSIC: It's been about half a year ago when we talked last time. What have you been busy with since then?
Oskar: It was quite a busy time. Shortly after the release of my album „Sneeuwland" in March, I started to work on a piano solo EP which I released in July. I also made two music videos and was busy with promoting and distributing my music and piano sheets. As I do everything on my own, there’s a lot of other things I have to take care of apart from just creating and recording the music.

50K MUSIC: You've started a crowdfunding campaign for your third album on Pledgemusic a while ago. Are you happy with how it goes so far?
Oskar: Yes, I’m happy I reached nearly half of my goal. It’s also about half-time, so it’s going as planned.

50K MUSIC: Your album "Sneeuwland" was funded with the support of almost 150 fans on Sellaband. Why did you choose Pledgemusic this time?
Oskar: PledgeMusic has a better interface and better features in my opinion. It's better for me as an artist but also better for the supporters.

50K MUSIC: Have you noticed any differences between the crowdfunding platforms?
Oskar: They just work in a different way. On SellaBand, supporters give an amount of money and the more they give, the more things they get in return but they can't really choose what exactly they get. On the other hand, PledgeMusic gives me the possibilty to set up a kind of online shop with different „products“ which the supporters can preorder, therefore having more options and flexibility. They can choose what they really want in return of their support.


50K MUSIC: Back to the music, what can supporters expect when they pledge for the album?
Oskar: They can expect to get exclusive offers in return of course, I spent a lot of time trying to come up with creative things such as handwritten short stories, vintage style postcards, mixtapes with my favorite songs from a certain time period, single-use cameras with photos I take of my favorite places in Berlin, etc. I also give away my old typewriter and antique clock, both of which I used for creating beats. Also, they will have access to exclusive content showing my progress with the new album. And they can expect to get the album one week earlier than everyone else.

50K MUSIC: You've announced the album to be out in May next year. Will it be a characteristic Oskar Schuster album or should we expect something unexpected?
Oskar: It will be more electronic and more "pop" but generally I just try to evolve and refine the style I created with my last album „Sneeuwland“, so it will generally be in the same vein.

50K MUSIC: Are there any plans to collaborate with other artists for the album, will we have the chance to listen to Possimiste again maybe?
Oskar: At the moment I’m working on a track that might feature norwegian singer/songwriter Kine Hjeldnes. But I still have to see if it works out. Also I might soon release a remix EP with remixes of some of my songs by Cypix and possibly other electro producers.

50K MUSIC: Apart from pledging, what else can we do to support your current crowdfunding?
Oskar: Please share the link to my PledgeMusic page or to the intro video with your friends.

50K MUSIC: And last one - anything you want your fans and Pledgers to know?
Oskar: I'm very thankful for their support, they (both Pledgers and also just the fans who listen to my music) make it possible for me to live my dream as a free, independent artist, being able to create music and make a living without having to be part of the "music industry".