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Introducing One Spark Berlin Music Creators (3): DOS Voice & Bass

Published September 04 2014.

  by Mario

This is introduction #3 of One Spark Start: Berlin music creators. I talked to Laura Corallini of DOS Voice & Bass about what they expect from taking part and how they prepare for showcasing their project at Europe's first crowdfunding festival ...

50K MUSIC: Who are DOS? Please tell us a bit about you.
Laura: DOS is a duo formed by Laura Corallini on vocals and Marcel Krömker on double bass. Meaning "two" in Spanish, DOS is the meeting point of the highest and lowest sounds in a band. Marcel and I are the core of my band, Laura Corallini Quartet, where we play own arrangements of South American tunes plus some compositions, and Mr Eart, the experimental pop band of Marcel. DOS simplifies these bigger ensembles to something very rudimentary, a little archaic and absolutely honest. With only 2 lines you cannot hide behind chords and other instruments, you have to give and show everything you have.

50K MUSIC: Where do you come from (musically)?
Laura: I´m from Buenos Aires, my father is a Tango composer, so I was surrounded by music and recordings since my early childhood. I always sang South American music, focusing a lot in Brazilian music. As I started playing with European musicians I widened my interests to jazz and experimental music, which are nowadays very present in my music. Marcel started playing classical guitar as a kid, then he became very interested in blues and through the double bass he explored Jazz, which became his main interest and the genre he played the most for the past 15 years. These 2 educations and traditions come together in DOS.

50K MUSIC: You've decided to apply for One Spark Berlin? Why?
Laura: We think it's a great opportunity to show people our music and we expect, through their support, to be able to record our first album and tour with it.

50K MUSIC: ... and what do you expect from taking part at this crowd funding event?
Laura: Having a very inspiring time with lots of interesting projects, exchanging ideas of art and music with interested people. And hopefully getting the support we need to accomplish our project!

50K MUSIC: How do you prepare for One Spark?
Laura: We´re working together with our stage designer to show at One Spark a little slice of what we offer in our live concerts.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your fans and future One Spark supporters to know?
Laura: If you want to know more about us or stay connected to know about future concerts, you can visit http://lauracorallini.wordpress.com/dos/ or like our fan pages Laura Corallini Música and Mr Eart.