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The Cheek of Her: This Support Crushes Some Of My Angst

Thanks to Helen for taking the time for doing this Q&A. Published May 24 2014.

  by Mario

After the release of two five track EPs in 2011 (Passionate Shit) and 2013 (Megaphonic) The Cheek of Her is back with her full album Adult Angst Anonymous which was made possible by the support of her fans on Pledgemusic and will be released on May 30. I talked to her about the album and the direct-to-fan experience ...

50K MUSIC: First please tell us about yourself. Who is The Cheek of Her? Where does the name come from? What are your (musical) roots?
Helen: The Cheek of Her is Helen Dooley, a Female Solo Pop-Rock Artist based in London. I thought up the name as it fits my personality, as I'm a little bit of a joker and love wit and good banter. I can sometimes 'get away' with saying things others can't, so a little bit cheeky for pushing boundaries!...plus you can push it even further in songs!

50K MUSIC: You're about to release your debut album Adult Angst Anonymous in a few days. What can we expect?
Helen: Angst, passion, heart felt vocals and delivery, big drums, piano and well, to tap your feet!

50K MUSIC: Are you happy with your work now you hold the album in your hands?
Helen: Yes! You can start becoming totally obsessive, but then you'd never release anything! I think 10 mixes on some tracks is more than enough striving for my version of perfect! I'm happy :)

50K MUSIC: The album has been successfully funded through pre-orders of your fans on Pledgemusic. Please tell us something about this direct-to-fan experience?
Helen: I was approaching it more from a marketing point of view, as it still costs to arrange creating the video, artwork and constant plugging etc ... and I'm not well known, but wanted to just see how it all works and hope something could come out of it.

I was lucky that I could extend the campaign by a few months, as otherwise wouldn't have covered it. Lucky too that people were supportive and pre-ordered the album so it could cover at least the mixing and mastering costs.

It's funny though sometimes when you do things like this and reach out to folk, the ones you automatically expect will jump at the chance to support you actually don't at all, and the ones you don't expect literally rush in and jump on the bandwagon! That's life I guess! I'm really grateful to all who pre-ordered and Pledged!

50K MUSIC: Will this be the way to finance your music in the future? Or would you consider to go even one step further and crowdfund your next album?
Helen: I think for crowdfunding to work you really need to be known by a massive audience, it's hard when you're an unknown. Ideally I would have liked to crowdfund this album, but in reality it wouldn't happen.

I'm not adverse to crowdfunding the next album, because after all it's not donations or anything, people are just pre-ordering your music in advance so you can make it! I'm just hoping more people would like to hear it next time round, then I can consider crowdfunding the whole shebang! :)

50K MUSIC: What comes after the album release for you ... any plans for touring or playing festivals?
Helen: I am going to see how the album Adult Angst Anonymous is received and then plan on playing some live gigs, nothing concretely organised as yet but keeping things open and seeing what develops - will keep you updated of course!

50K MUSIC: And last one - anything you want your Pledgers and fans to know?
Helen: Their support means more than they realise and crushes some of my angst - thank you xxx