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Fleur Jack: Not Only "Tales From The Dodge" Is On The Way

It's been a long time since we heard of Fleur Jack. Reason enough to talk to her about what happened since then and her current plans. Thanks Fleur for answering. Published July 26 2013.

  by Mario

50K MUSIC: It's been a while since we've talked. What happened since then?
Fleur: I think last time we were speaking, I had just put out my debut album "Ghosts of Cimarron" and was about to embark on my first big international solo tour of the USA and Canada. WELL, on that trip, I met a man called Wesley. A very long story short; He chased me around the country, we fell in love and I moved over to the USA to be with him last June. We got married this February and we are waiting patiently for the arrival of our first son who is due August 14th (three weeks from today).

50K MUSIC: Any upcoming projects?
Fleur: Yes, my brand new CD; 'Tales from the Dodge' and a whole new band; The W Lovers! Wesley is a great musician and we started playing live together a few months ago. Wesley sings harmonies and plays along on the mandolin. It has taken us a little while to get the hang of writing together but we're getting there.

It started off as him playing along to my sets and we realised that it would be much more fun to start something brand new.

We're going to launch our band 'The W Lovers' officially after baby arrives. We're just trying to put all our logos together and don't want to launch a website and Facebook page until we've got some quality recordings together. The music has to come first but I'm sure as you know, good things take time to put together.

50K MUSIC: What can we expect from the new album?
Fleur: The new CD has 6 tracks on it and was recorded at London Bridge Studios. The studio has been home to bands like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and it has a distinctly rock / grunge flavor to it's sound. So, if you can imagine putting an alt-country, folksy singer songwriter in a studio like that, you're going to warp her sound somewhat. I'm a big fan of what we came up with. I started jamming with a Seattle drummer and after we got our songs tight, we laid our parts down live together. I then tracked the bass and Wesley laid down some mandolin and extra guitars. There were a few of us who sang back ups on the CD and over all, it sounds really huge production-wise.

In the past, I've been careful to try and match the recording to what a live show would sound like but this time, I've been a little more adventurous which is great.

50K MUSIC: I guess there will be no touring for a while. When will you get back to stage?
Fleur: Well, usually, if I make it a month without playing a live show, I go pretty 'nuts.' I don't think it will be long before we find a stage but as for touring it will be a little longer. Being our first child, neither of us can really predict exactly how everything will work out but my guess is that we'll play a show six or eight weeks after baby is born and it'll be around two or three months before we would feel brave enough to venture out of town for a night. As for anything longer, my guess is that it would be easy enough to do a Seattle-Olympia-Portland weekend maybe after six months but it could be longer before we feel confident enough to leave baby.

50K MUSIC: Anything else you want your fans to know?
Fleur: About the name of my new CD 'Tales from the Dodge' ... The Dodge is my 1993 Dodge Caravan that I toured the USA with. I made a touring CD which was a compilation of songs from previous CD's and musical projects and called it 'Into the Dodge'. When it was time to put out the new CD and I was looking for a name, I figured the songs were all stories and inspirations that I'd picked up from touring America and I thought tales from the Dodge was a nice follow on. The Into the Dodge CD isn't available on my website, it's only for live shows, so it's quite exclusive in that respect. I'm really looking forward to putting out the new CD and hearing what people think. It's much more rocky than the first album and then the new stuff with The W Lovers, is much more Americana. There's lots on the horizon and if I'm being perfectly honest, the gig I'm looking forward to most is being chief in charge of lullabies for baby over the next few months.

Oh, and also, I want my fans to know that I love 50K MUSIC and all the continued support you have given me! Thanks so much!!!

Also, I made a small magazine which will be available for download with purchase of the new CD. It has all the lyrics for the new tracks as well as tour stories, photos and more. I ONLY made 27 hard copies of the magazine itself but I didn't want people to miss out on reading through it, if they wanted, so I'm making it available as a download.

I'm looking forward to officially releasing the new CD in August.

Download "Ghosts Of Cimarron":