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Gabriel Scar: "Music That Will Speak To Your Heart"

Thanks to Gabriel for taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck with your funding. Published on June 29 2013.

  by Mario

Gabriel Scar has raised well over a half of his budget on Sellaband. I talked to him about his campaign and his upcoming debut album...

50K MUSIC: Please introduce yourself, who is Gabriel Scar? Where do you come from, what are your (musical) roots?
Gabriel: Well, Gabriel Scar is actually the artist name for Gunther Huyghe, from the small city of Willebroek, in Belgium. My musical roots start on a young age, when I became 2nd in the Belgian Championship for copper instruments. I played the cornet (a small trumpet with a warm sound). But I wasn’t really into the more classical music.

So I stopped, to become a cyclist in competition. But after an accident (broke my leg in three places) I had to stop that. That’s when I started singing. In February 2004. By the way, the SCAR in my artist name comes from the scar that is still on my left leg, after the big accident.

50K MUSIC: You're currently funding your debut album on Sellaband. How come that you started this campaign?
Gabriel: A dream of mine, and also necessary next step in my singing career, is to make my own full album. These days a lot of festivals and organisations ask for a full album when they are selecting bands. So, a band really needs an album these days, to get gigs at the bigger festivals. And also, when the album is finished, I will check if a label wants to make a promotion deal around it. It’s a nice calling card, and a way to get my music, which I worked hard on, heared by the people.

50K MUSIC: Do you think crowdfunding is the way to finance your music, also in the future?
Gabriel: Right now it is definitely the way. Because I don’t have the finances myself. I made 3 single CDs already. "LIGHTNING LOVE", "DIT IS DE DAG" and "SWEET LITTLE VICTORY". And I made those with my own finances. Since then I decided not to do that anymore, because it’s dangerous to loose money, when you don’t get any support from labels and national radios. Since then I decided not to put my own money in music anymore. Crowdfunding is good because the people who support you get the CD and so on, and you have the money to make it. Everyone wins. For the future, I will see. I live for the moment, and I will see what the next project will be. First of all, I will concentrate on this first full album project. I want to make it something beautiful for the believers, and for myself. Something people can relate to. I think lyrics are very important.

50K MUSIC: How are you going to convince people to support you and fund your album?
Gabriel: I think the most important thing is that they like the music (and lyrics) of the artist. So, mostly, I point people to my Sellaband profile, and let the music do the “talking”.

50K MUSIC: What kind of album can we expect? What songs will be on it?
Gabriel: Well, it will be pop/rock songs, like most of the songs that I sing. Most songs will be going more to the rock side of it. But there will also be a few more sensitive songs on the album. It will be 12 to 13 songs. Among those will also be 2 duets, with the young, talented Russian singer Ivy SK. So, my album will not only be Belgian, it will also have a Russian touch. I can already say, there will be a remake of my first ever single "LIGHTNING LOVE". In the way we play it with my band now. The rest of the songs will be completely new songs.

50K MUSIC: When are you planning to release your debut?
Gabriel: There are no set dates yet. First I want to get the funding in order, because I can only start the recordings when I have a budget. When we start the recordings, then we will be able to plan dates and so on. Of course I hope to start as soon as possible. Because the demo songs are all ready, we just need to start recording them professionally.

50K MUSIC: What are your plans for this summer ... playing festivals, touring ...?
Gabriel: Playing as much as possible is, of course, always the plan for an artist and a band. Certainly since I got my own band now. Which is composed out of mostly professional musicians. We already have a few gigs coming up, but more is always welcome. ;-) And outside of music, I will also be getting married this summer, in August.

50K MUSIC: And last one: Anything you want your fans and believers to know?
Gabriel: Well, I would like to tell them that I really appreciate all the support I’ve already gotten. And all the support I will still get. And that I will do everything to make this album fantastic for them. So, help me get the funding I need on Sellaband, and you will get music that will speak to your heart.