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Civilized Tears: "New Material Has Got People Going Nuts"

Thanks Tim for this quick Q&A about the new funding. Published June 05 2013.

  by Mario

Civilized Tears started their new funding with the support of Sellaband. They want to shoot a prof video and believers decide with their votes to which song it will be shot. I talked to Tim Bennett about the new project and the upcoming album/EP ...

50K MUSIC: Back in February this year you've completed the funding for your upcoming album. What happened since then?
Tim: We were thrilled with the support and feel very thankful to all our Believers ! We wasted no time and in February we recorded 5 new tracks for the EP/Album in Austin Texas with renowned Producer Erik Wofford from Cacophony Recorders. We also brought two new pro musicians into the mix. Now the band has a tight, strong high quality sound.

50K MUSIC: You've just started a new funding for the shooting of a video. Please tell us something about it.
Tim: We hope to raise at least a 1,000 Euros to fund the making of a new music video which we'll shoot in Austin and possibly shoot some frames in the Texas desert for a stunning visual eye-candy overload. We've given the fans and Believers a chance to vote for their favourite track from the new album. The winning track will be our first release and the first video. We uploaded the two studio demo out-takes of "Antidote" and "Stars" onto Soundcloud and I think so far "Stars" is winning. Here's the link to vote and pledge: http://civilizedtears.sellaband.com/

We have an amazing and well known film director who has agreed to shoot the video for us. He understands we have a small indie budget and due to his love of Civilized Tears music, he is slashing his price to accommodate our budget. We'll also need funding for equipment and crew rental, hair and make-up artist, plus styling which will all be included in our funding target.

50K MUSIC: Are you happy with the project so far?
Tim: The Video Fund is at 21% in under a week so YES! As far as the new music: Yes, very! We've performed the new songs live for industry, fans and public and the new songs have had a really amazing reception. Much more so than the previous SellaBand album, "Miseducated".

The feedback has taken me by surprise. But a very nice surprise! I thought people liked "Miseducated" but I have realized that this new material has totally surpassed that album. The high energy Rock/Post Punk, fast tempo sounds of this new material has got people really going nuts.

It pulls from Foo Fighters, Killers, Joy Division, Cars, Bowie and Iggy Pop and Stooges. It's raw, it's high energy, it's high tempo, it's very emotional, and people can relate to the lyrics in a big way and it's super melodic.

The addition of Bambi Monroe on lead guitar has added a unique quality too. She rocks the stage and having a gorgeous lead guitar player and co-lead vocalist adds a whole exciting new dimension which people are going crazy about.

50K MUSIC: When will believers get the upcoming album?
Tim: We're tweaking, editing and doing harmonies and guitar overdubs, plus recording a few extra new tracks. We expect a delivery date of late summer/early autumn.

50K MUSIC: Any other plans for the next few months ... touring, festivals etc.?
Tim: Yes, back to Austin to record and tour. We also aim to go to Los Angeles for shows and meetings. We'd love to come to Europe but that's not in our budget as yet. We may do a Euro-Tour Fund later this year.

50K MUSIC: What else can we do to help you with your current project?
Tim: We ask our fans to pledge as little as one Euro, Dollar or Pound at http://civilizedtears.sellaband.com/

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