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Broadway Killers: "We Have The Best Community Of People Supporting Us"

Thanks to Emil and the guys for this interview via e-mail. Wish you good luck with the Band Contest. Published on April 22 2013.

  by Mario

There are exactly 5 days left to join Sellaband Band Contest 2013 as a supporter. About one week ago I introduced Hogan from Ireland. And here is the second band in the contest, being in the lead at the moment - most of you may have heard of the Broadway Killers already. If you like their music and want them to tour Germany next year don't hesitate and get them some support...

50K MUSIC: Sellaband has just started the Band Contest 2013. How come that you joined it?
Broadway Killers: In fact it started a while ago, but I forgot to answer your mail :) Anyway, let’s just say that we had a really good experience funding our debut album through Sellaband. Mainly that is why we thought this competition could be fun. Also we thought and still we think that we can beat the other two bands. We have the best community of people supporting us.

50K MUSIC: You're old hands in crowdfunding business. Do you think you have some sort of advantage?
Broadway Killers: Well, I think we have some experience at least and maybe that could be an advantage. But the main thing we have is our community which just supports us any time we ask for it. Just a note on this: In fact we were about to cancel our May tour because a promoter made a very late cancellation of a gig. We told people this on facebook but then one fan saved our entire May tour by buying an acoustic concert through the Sellaband Contest. Ain’t that f**kin’ cool, huh!!?

50K MUSIC: How are you going to convince people to support you?
Broadway Killers: Well I think we put up some cool incentives for both small amounts and large amounts. We wish to play a fair game, so people can get something out of their support. Also we want to let people be part of the production of the music video. For an example one of the incentives is that the believer is able to co-write an entire scene.

50K MUSIC: You're still recording your debut album at the moment? How does the production progress?
Broadway Killers: Well in fact we’re pretty much in the final stage of production. We got the very first mix of the entire album and so far it sounds really really well. I think we nailed it this time.

50K MUSIC: When are you going to release your debut? What can your fans expect?
Broadway Killers: We wish to release in August 2013 which gives us time to plan a great release tour in the fall and also gives us time to make the music video which we’re currently funding in the Sellaband contest.

People can expect the original sound of Broadway Killers with some interesting new touches. The songs are better than before, better composed, better lyrics and the intense two week studio session has given the songs a really nice mood. I think people will be able to hear that.

50K MUSIC: Any other plans for the next few months?
Broadway Killers: The next few months we’re going to play a few shows in May and then a few festivals during the Summer. The big tour is in the fall.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your fans and believers to know?
Broadway Killers: Well, I hope you already know how much we appreciate your support but I also hope that you feel you are just as big a part of this little band as we are. At least you are just as important for it to exist!!!