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Delaney Gibson: "Utterly Grateful For All The Outpouring Support"

Thanks to Delaney Gibson for answering my questions by email. Delaney, you're awesome. Published on April 06 2013.

  by Mario

Delaney Gibson should be more than happy with how her Pledgemusic project goes, and she is. She has raised more than 130% of her goal for her upcoming album "Tall Like The Tree". I talked to her about the funding and her plans ...

50K MUSIC: In your Pledgemusic pitch video you call for money. What will you use all the money for?
Delaney: Making a record costs a lot of money! I'll have to pay for a Producer, musicians, recording, mastering, photography, artwork, music videos, radio promotion, publicity, and tour support.

50K MUSIC: I guess you're happy with how the project has developed so far?
Delaney: I am, the record has been finished since last year. We've had to push back the release date in hopes to raise more money for promotion. I cannot wait until we can release this. It really is my best work to date.

50K MUSIC: How did you find the way to Pledgemusic?
Delaney: I was researching different crowd funding platforms. Once I got in contact with Jayce from pledge I knew they had something special going. They really make an effort to get to know each artists that comes there way. They even came out to a few shows I had in NYC. Pledge is made up of really wonderful people that care about their artists.

50K MUSIC: Who should go for the 500,000 $ pledge?
Delaney: Ha, anyone that would like to take me as a wife I suppose. I did have someone "reserve" that pledge for a day, but they didn't follow through.

50K MUSIC: When will your upcoming album be released?
Delaney: We are releasing, Tall Like the Tree in September. We'll be giving out a new acoustic EP, Particles to everyone that pledged in June too.

50K MUSIC: What kind of album can we expect?
Delaney: It's a huge album. Orchestral arrangements and massive drums and percussion. It's a very cinematic record with driving piano.

50K MUSIC: ... any other plans for the next few months apart from producing the album?
Delaney: Rehearsing bands in Austin, NYC, LA and London for CD release shows. We're also still raising money on our campaign to help with all the promotional aspects.

50K MUSIC: And last one: Anything you want your fans and Pledgers to know?
Delaney: How utterly grateful I am for all of the outpouring of support! None of this would be happening without them. I can't really express how humbled I am by their love.