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Lischkapelle: "We Dreamed Of That So Long ..."

The guys of LischKapelle answered my questions via e-mail. Thanks Susi, Karin, Andreas, Mathias, Gurdan and Markus for your support. Love your music. Published on March 18 2013.

  by Mario

If you want to listen to Bavarian folk music in a new way you definitely won't get around LischKapelle. They've created Bavaro Indie Pop and are still raising funds for their debut album on Sellaband. If you want to be a part of it you'll have to hurry - only a few parts left there. I talked to them about the crowdfunding, how they got together and their plans for the album ...

50K MUSIC: You're raising funds on Sellaband since the beginning of December. I guess you're happy with the progress so far?
LischKapelle: Of course! We are really overwhelmed how much money we already have together...our dream will soon come true.

50K MUSIC: How did you find the way to Sellaband?
LischKapelle: In Summer 2012 we won the House of Music Bandcontest in Munich. Sellaband was one of the sponsores there and supported the winner with 500 € for a crowdfunding project on Sellaband.

50K MUSIC: What will you use the money for?
LischKapelle: We will record our first studio album.

50K MUSIC: You're a six piece band from Bavaria. How did you get together?
LischKapelle: Oh, that´s a long story. Karin and Susi are sisters and they knew Matthias and Andi already since childhood days. We all went to the same school, sang in the Choir together and so on...4 years ago we had the idea to start our own band, that´s when we founded the LischKapelle. Around 2 years ago we went to Munic for studies. That´s also where we met the Tubist, Gurdan, accidentally in the Hofbräuhaus. We liked him, he liked us, so he joined the band. Because we liked the brass sound so much, we also asked Markus, an old friend of us who plays Trombone, to join us. That´s long story short.

50K MUSIC: And what about this special sound called Bavaro Indie Pop?
LischKapelle: Actually we´re playing indie pop, with bavarian instruments and elements. 3 vocals, acoustic guitar, cajon meets "Ziach", Tuba and Trombone.

50K MUSIC: I guess your debut album will be the first Bavaro Indie Pop album ever. What can we expect? Can we have a prelisten to the songs?
LischKapelle: The album will be very colourful, because it´s a collection of all our songs, we wrote during the last few years. The songs themselves deal with the small, but important things in life, without beeing too serious. You can listen to a few demo songs on our website: www.LischKapelle.de or on our Facebook page.

50K MUSIC: How are you going to promote the album once it's released?
LischKapelle: Of course, we are planning to play a big Album Release Concert. It will take place in our hometown Trostberg. After that we want to play a lot of gigs, maybe do a little tour...

50K MUSIC: What else do you plan for the next few months ... any gigs, playing on festivals?
LischKapelle: The next gig is the 22nd March. We play on the Audio.Pop-Festival Contest at Feierwerk in Munich. Another great gig is on 18th April, there we are playing at Klangfest in Gasteig. And there are some smaller gigs in that time, like on the 22nd April at Glockenbachwerkstatt and so on...you can also look them up on our homepage.

50K MUSIC: And last one: Anything you want your fans and believers to know?
LischKapelle: Yes! The biggest Thank You ever to everyone of you! It´s so amazing to have fans, who believe in us, which come to almost every gig we´re playing. It makes so much fun to play for such a nice audience. And without anyone of you, we would not be able to finally record our album. We dreamed of that so long...