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AM & Shawn Lee: "Without Fan Support We'd Be Dead In The Water"

AM & Shawn Lee answered my questions via e-mail. Thanks guys for your support. Published on March 13 2013.

  by Mario

After they successfully funded their last EP and tour through the support of 55 Pledgers back in 2011 AM & Shawn Lee are back with a new project on Pledgemusic. I talked to them about the crowdfunding campaign and all the things they are currently busy with ...

50K MUSIC: Actually AM and Shawn Lee are solo artists and "AM & Shawn Lee" is the name of this band collaboration. How did you get together?
AM: I heard Shawn's music on the radio here in LA. I emailed him and we started a bond over obscure 70's library and film music...eventually it made sense to make a record together.

50K MUSIC: Your current Pledegemusic project is the second of that kind. What is it about?
AM: I'm a fan of Pledge. You're laying it all on the table and seeing who's ready to go to bat for you.

50K MUSIC: So you like the idea of crowdfunding your music?
AM: Yes, it's pro-active. You can move forward or wait for a record company to write you a check...but it happens less and less these days.

50K MUSIC: You've just completed the recording of your upcoming album "La Musique Numerique". Can you tell us something about it?
Shawn Lee: The new album carries on from the first one but steps up to the next level in my opinion. More upbeat overall and more of an early 80's influence on the whole. The drums/percussion are mini productions in their own right and there is also more synths on this record. We were writing and recording the album between touring Celestial Electric so we were on a constant flow.

50K MUSIC: And what is still to be done regarding the album?
Shawn Lee: We have some videos in production and are planning a tour for June. Other than that, we're all ready to go!

50K MUSIC: Any other plans for the next few months?
Shawn Lee: I'm always keeping busy! I am producing an album for a very talented English singer-songwriter right now named Fiona Bevan. I am also musical director for Diane Birch for a hot London minute and I'm also doing various collabs and some music for a new video game. AM and myself are hitting the road in june for a US tour so full steam ahead!

AM: I've just completed a new record of my own with Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms For Peace, Ultraista). I also DJ quite a bit. I've got a monthly night here in LA called Rendezvous! I do out here in Silverlake at the Hyperion Tavern and I'll do spot dates around the city.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your pledgers and fans to know?
AM: Just that we sincerely appreciate the support. It may sound cliche to keep saying that, but without fan support we'd be dead in the water.

Photo by David Burlacu