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Equinoxx - "The Production Suddenly Gets Very Real"

Simon answered my questions via Facebook PM. Thanks Simon for your support. Published on February 25 2013.

  by Mario

Usually Michael Simon (known as Simon) is a full-time member of German Medieval Rock/Folk Metal band Subway To Sally. But lately he started his side project Equinoxx and is raising funds for producing a solo album on Pledgemusic now. I talked to him about his experience of crowdfunding, the project and the solo album ...

50K MUSIC: Usually you're a part of Subway To Sally. How come you started your solo project Equinoxx?
Simon: For the latest Subway to Sally production "Schwarz in Schwarz" I wrote more songs than actually went on the album. And as I liked all those ideas very much and thought they were just too good to gather dust somewhere in my computer, I found I could do something solo.

50K MUSIC: You're raising funds for your debut album on Pledgemusic at the moment. Why did you choose Pledge?
Simon: I see Equinoxx as a project with which I want to tread on new paths. This includes new ways of producing music and funding just those productions. I wanted to do without funding schemes like record companies and so I chose PledgeMusic. I find the closeness to the people supporting me very invigorating and refreshing.

50K MUSIC: How do you experience crowdfunding your music?
Simon: Exciting. You never know what you'll get.

50K MUSIC: What feedback did you get from your fans?
Simon: The feedback is fantastic and breathtaking throughout. Because of the direct exchange with the fans, let's say about a demo or a first mix or about single tracks of a song, the production suddenly gets very real. This is something that you cannot experience in the studio like that. I am very thankful for that.

50K MUSIC: Would you tell us something about the upcoming album?
Simon: The album will be called "The Absurdität Of Hate". At the moment I am planning to publish 12 songs. There will be a 13th song as a free download for all the pledgers. I have written all the music to the songs. The lyrics have all been contributed by my friend Martin Engler, singer and mastermind of Mono Inc. Additionally many friends have been supporting me like Eric Fish and Ingo Hampf (both Subway To Sally), Carl Fornia (Mono Inc.) and B.Deutung (Deine Lakaien, Deep Purple). The Pledge Campaign ends on March 20, 2013. Digitally, the album will be released in May. Every fan who supports me via PledgeMusic is going to get the album way before its official release.

50K MUSIC: And last one: Anything you want your fans and pledgers to know?
Simon: I am very grateful for the support I have got from you so far. I hope that together we will experience a successful outcome of the Equinoxx campaign! Keep pledging!