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Burning Crows - Bravado Rock'n'Roll At It's Finest

I talked to Whippz, Lance, Will and Chris via e-mail ... thanks guys for your support ... keep on Rockin'. Published on February 23 2013.

  by Mario

... is definitely what they stand for. Hailing from England's east the Burning Crows are rocking Pledgemusic at the moment. It's still time to pledge for their debut album coming out in May. I talked to the guys about the Pledgemusic project and what else is going to happen in the next few months...

50K MUSIC: Who are The Burning Crows? Where do you come from? Please tell us something about the band.
BC: Hey Mario! We're Whippz, Lance, Will & Chris, The Burning Crows! Good time Rock n' Roll band from the Far East... of England. We've been playing up and down the country for around 3 years now, released our debut EP, completed our second full tour of the UK and Ireland and are about to return to the studio to record our debut album "Behind The Veil", after successfully reasoning more than 100% on PledgeMusic.com.

50K MUSIC: You've raised far more than 100 % on Pledgemusic. Are you happy with how the project goes?
BC: I know it's cliché, but we actually couldn't believe it! You have around 8 weeks to hit your target, and we did it in 5! That's all down to our fans though and all bullshit aside, they're the reason the new album is happening and that's the cool thing about the PledgeMusic site - you can get the people who matter fully involved and thank them the way that they want to be thanked so everyone gets exactly what they want out of the experience and journey and it's just an incredible feeling to have that many of your friends from around the world behind you... We really couldn't ask for any more to be honest. Unless this is shaping out to be a cruel joke and we end up covered in pigs blood like the end of Carrie!

50K MUSIC: You've toured with The Quireboys at the end of 2012. How did you experience the tour?
BC: We seem to vaguely recall that a lot of the evenings were experienced through a blurry haze haha! Seriously though, they're great guys and have been one of our favourite bands for years and years, so we were all well up for getting out on the road with them. Both bands are just about having a good time and giving the people what hey want to see, so there was an amazing camaraderie and vibe up on stage, in the dressing room, and in the bar after.

50K MUSIC: Any plans for touring again in the next few months?
BC: There are indeed but nothing's set in stone so I don't want to say too much at the minute, though if it comes off it's going to be really exciting for both the fans and us so keep your peepers peeping! In the meantime, we'll be holding the official launch party for "Behind The Veil" on Sat May 4th in our hometown of Norwich at The Waterfront with support from our good friends Kamikaze Radio & Blind Tiger, so it's looking to be a good one already.

50K MUSIC: Let's talk about the upcoming album. What can fans and pledgers expect?
BC: Not just an album, an experience! It’ll be like be touched by haha! Seriously though, this is going to be like the definitive statement of exactly who we and the band are at this point in time. It's got all the favourite songs from the past couple of years, the singles from our "Never Had It So Good" EP, songs that people heard on tour, a couple of brand new ones too and some bonus tracks if you pledge, so about 14 in total! These are the tunes that we love and there's a lot of love, time, effort, heartache, hangovers and passion gone into making the album happen so hopefully you'll dig it as much as we hope you do. If not it'll make a great coaster.

50K MUSIC: And last one: Anything you want your fans and pledgers to know?
BC: Now that's a dangerous question as there's many stories we'd like to share but unfortunately can't commit to print! We will say this though to any of our fans who are reading - We love you all and we'll see you in your ears on May 4th when "Behind The Veil" is released! Nothing but love people...

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