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Ophelia Syndrome: "The Fuel That Keeps This Band Going"

Deanna Wells answered my questions via e-mail, thanks for your support Deanna. Published on February 21 2013.

  by Mario

I really have to make my amends for not featuring Ophelia Syndrome earlier. They've completed their first funding on Sellaband back in November 2010. Now the band is running their third project on the platform. I talked to Deanna Wells about it and why they feel at home on Sellaband ...

50K MUSIC: You've started your current Sellaband project in November last year. Are you happy with how it goes so far?
Deanna: Yes, we really are very happy! It is such a wonderful thing to know that we have people who are willing to pre-order our new album before it is even recorded. We have been so overwhelmed by the support that we have thus far, and we thank every single believer that we have for supporting us.

50K MUSIC: It's your third crowdfunding project on Sellaband. It seems like you feel at home there. Is there something special that made you come back again?
Deanna: For us the appeal of Sellaband has always been the on-line community of believers and artists. If it not for Sellaband, we would not be where we are today, and that is a fact. Every single contact we have made through Sellaband has been invaluable to us in so many ways. And so, us coming back is our way to honour this community that we are so grateful for. I mean, let's be honest, there has been some upheaval with Sellaband in the last couple of years, so we are not saying it's perfect. But nothing in life is, and we just feel really lucky to get to make music for people, and the supportive community of believers and artists who are on Sellaband has given us that chance.

50K MUSIC: You're raising funds for your upcoming album. Please tell us something about it.
Deanna: Sure. This new album is a collection of 10 songs that I started writing once we got back from tour last summer. I was so inspired by the trip that I immediately found myself sitting at the piano and singing and writing these new songs. I brought them to the band, and that was it. They really wanted to start working on them as a group. We are so excited about these new songs. I think this is the best work we have done up until this point. The songs are lyrically the most honest for me as well, which can be very difficult as well. Also, keeping with the experimental nature of this group, Josh, our bass player recently purchased a Moog little phatty which is making an appearance on many of the tracks, and Andrew our former guitarist is now our drummer after Adrian left for personal reasons. So in a way, this is a new direction for the band, but an exciting one. We are teaming up again with Michael Chambers of Catherine North to engineer and also produce the album. We are really looking forward to getting started on it.

50K MUSIC: A part of the funds you're going to use for promoting the album?
Deanna: Yes we are. This fund-raising is split into two sections if you read through our full plan. The first half is dedicated to the recording and production of the album itself, and the second half is dedicated to promotion and touring (which is also serves as promotion for the album). For our last album "All Things Forgotten" we were able to hire a really great publicist who really did some wonderful work on our behalf for garnering attention for the album. We would love to be able to continue that relationship with him. Our last two fund-raising campaigns were really to record "All Things Forgotten" and the our second was to raise funds for promotion. This time around we would really like to do this all in one, but we do have the plan split into two separate sections if we have to lower our targets and split it into two separate campaigns like we did last time to complete the project. We are very committed in seeing this to the end.

50K MUSIC: ... and you're planning an European tour?
Deanna: Yes we are! We had some of the best experiences of our lives touring the Netherlands and Germany last summer, that we really want to build upon that this summer as well. Being able to meet and play with artists like Carved in Gold, and Catself was incredible! Also meeting and getting to hang out with some of our believers was so wonderful! It was so much work to make that last tour happen, I mean, I had never even been on a plane, and then all of a sudden I'm flying to The Netherlands to tour! It took so much to make that happen, but it was so worth it getting to meet such wonderful people. We really want to be able to make that happen again.

50K MUSIC: Are there any other plans for the next few months?
Deanna: Yes, we are finishing up writing the new album, and also then starting pre-production of the new songs with our producer. We also have a mini-tour booked in March where will be visiting Montreal and sharing the stage with the very talented Angie Arsenault! We are really looking forward to that. Then we will start recording the album.

50K MUSIC: And last one: Anything you want your fans and believers to know?
Deanna: We want our fans and believers to know how much we really appreciate them. Knowing that they support us truly is the fuel that keeps this band going. We never lose sight of the fact that it is them who have helped us to reach goals that we never thought possible. We truly are so honoured and grateful for them.