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Lucia Iman: Epic Adrenaline Rushes Of Joy

One of the next "album releasers" is this amazing lady from Spain - Lucia Iman. Her album will come out in autumn this year and I asked her a few questions about her time on SellaBand, the album production process and her future plans and about album promotion:

Q: What were your experiences during the time on SellaBand?
A: Many experiences to list; from epic adrenaline rushes of joy to deep states of frustration and everything in between. What I’m taking with me is the friends I’ve made and the knowing that all is well when I am true to myself and the music.

 Q: Can you tell us something about the album production process- your experiences, impressions, ...? Did it meet your expectations?
A: It was very simple; we recorded all the basic tracks (voice/piano) the first week I was in New York, so from the get go I knew I was in for a trek. Working with Malcolm was an invaluable tool, what I got was simple is always best, you can’t buy good taste and you better kill it the first time. It was everything I didn’t expect.

Q: When will your album be released? What kind of album can we expect?
A: Each listener will put it in a different box: to me it’s indie music, with some 20’s Jazz thrown in, some ambient stuff, some Soul, all me. I’m expecting the album release to be sometime in the Fall ’09…more to come on that.

Q: Why should people buy your album?
A: Because it’s the best thing they’ll listen to this year (and next).

Q: Do you have a special plan for a promotion campaign? How can we support you promoting the album?
A: I’m asking my believers to donate their unused CDs, so I can send them to newspapers, online magazines, radio stations and anywhere that will help create a buzz. Fans can help by creating demand in their towns or cities so I can come and play live shows, or doing any of the above. There will be a street-team section on my website too, where you can participate in getting the word out. Ideas and action are always welcome!

Q: What are your plans for the future? Will we have a listening session or a release party?
A: Count on a listening session coming soon. I’m trying to find out where the release party will be; in LA or in European grounds. My long-term plans are keep creating music I love, and my priority in the next months will be to have this album get some serious action.

For all those who do not know Lucia yet, here are some facts about her (taken from her SellaBand profile): On November 30th 2008 she hits 50k as 29th Artist on Sellaband thanks to the support of 903 Fans. Lucia is a chanteuse/pianist from Sevilla (Spain). She now lives in Los Angeles where she composes, performs and teaches. She has travelled around the world with her music and has a broad range of credits as a recording artist globally. She initiated her formal training as a pianist at the Real Musical Conservatory in Madrid and later attended Berklee College of Music in Boston as a vocalist for Jazz and Contemporary studies.

Music Connection Magazine considers Lucia Iman one of the top 100 unsigned acts of 2007 and calls her "disarming performer and intriguing live act thanks to her natural talent. Iman shows obvious promise. She is someone to keep an eye on." Her style has been described as "Anti-pop". Lucia put forth her first European Tour in the spring of 2008, performing at 8 different cities, including London, Paris and Madrid and amassing public acclaim at live and radio shows. Her album was recorded with the support of Grammy winner producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Kaki King, Sonya Kitchell…) and will be released in autumn this year.

For more details and latest news check Lucia's blog.

This article was originally published in 50K MUSIC MAG #08/2009 on Oct 01 2009

  by Mario