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Menura: "Mirror To My Soul"

Menura answered my questions via e-mail. Published on Feb 12 2013.

  by Mario

Menura reached her funding goal on Sellaband in December last year. Now she's producing her upcoming album. I talked to her about how she experienced the funding on Sellaband and what we can expect from her debut album "Stay With Me"

50K MUSIC: About one month ago you've reached your funding goal on Sellaband. How do you feel now that the dust has settled?
Menura: I feel very excited about everything, can't wait to finish my album. I have just recorded song nr 7 yesterday and the last 2 songs I will record them in the coming months.

50K MUSIC: You're going to use the funds to finish your upcoming album "Stay with me". When can we expect it to be released?
Menura: Hopefully by the end of April 2013, if the producer finished the mixing and mastering on time.

50K MUSIC: What kind of music will be on the album?
Menura: It will be a mix from pop/rock/country and ballads, all written with my whole heart. Every song is very special for me and some songs are dedicated to somebody. Like "Mirror to my soul" to my best friend which is a pop/country song and "Stay with me" (ballad) like the name from the album to my brother, who past away one month ago. And every song, there is a story behind.

50K MUSIC: Are there any plans for promoting the album?
Menura: At this moment we have started the promotion through Radio and TV, from one of the songs on the album. "Run baby run" This song is about a young girl raped by soldiers and trying to survive by selling her body. This song is written for all the ladies who got raped in all kind of circumstances. A song with Rock/pop influences.

50K MUSIC: It seems you had some very true Believers on Sellaband. How did you experience the support they gave you?
Menura: I was very surprised to see that even believers supported me, that never heard about me. In the beginning I was a kind of skeptic, since I've never heard about this system.

50K MUSIC: Are there any other lessons learned during your time on Sellaband - personally or musically?
Menura: Well I think the year 2012 inspired me a lot to write new songs. My brother died and his illness inspired me to write a song about it.

50K MUSIC: Do you think fan-funding could be a way to finance your music in the future as well?
Menura: Times have changed in the music industry and therefore this is a very good solution for every artist to promote themselves and raising fund to make there dream come true. So of course I will use the opportunity to make the second album possible.

50K MUSIC: And finally one thing you want your Believers and fans to know.
Menura: That I will work hard to finish my album and to surprise them with a good quality on it. I hope the songs will find a way to there hearts.