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Benshee: "We Will Never Give Up"

Diogo Caramujo answered my questions via e-mail. Published on Feb 07 2013.

  by Mario

Benshee are back on Sellaband. The Indie Pop band from Portugal started their project a few days ago. I talked to Diogo Caramujo about what they expect ...

50K MUSIC: Back in February 2010 I've introduced Benshee in 50K MUSIC MAG as a Newcomer on Sellaband. What happened since then?
Diogo: Well we have heard about sellaband on the Tv News in Portugal so we decided to come in to see what could happen.It was a nice experience we get some friends, some believers and everything was going great...we where having some gigs in Portugal and won a lot of (garageband) contests...and we get a record deal with a label thats why we left Sellaband. We went to studio making new songs but than we started to have some problems with the label...they wanted us to sing in Portuguese and change the name of the band to "MALA"...and we started to have a lot of problems in the band ... and well ... nothing happened! We stopped the band for our friendship don't come to an end. And now we decided to make music again ... we can't stop I guess ... we are back in our home studio producing new stuff for the first album of the band.

50K MUSIC: Now you're back on Sellaband. What's the plan for your new project?
Diogo: Yes we are back on SAB!! The plan is first of all promote our songs and get to know what people around the world think of our music. That's the first plan, the first thing that made us come back on SAB. The other part of the plan is to get some believers that whant to join our dream and be part of this journey with us. We wanna get into a professional studio with a producer to record our songs at a professional level. That is the other reason why we are back on Sellaband.

50K MUSIC: Do you find it difficult to raise funds through crowdfunding? How can we support you?
Diogo: Yes, I think it is a little difficult to make people believe that this is a real thing for us and that we have the potential to be a top band. We spent some time inviting people to visit our page and sometime we don't know what they think about it ... if they like it or if they don't like our music. But it's what we do and we won't change it. We need all the support we can get. I guess that the only Portuguese people in there to support our band it's only our friends ... guess we are in the hands of the rest of the world believers. How can u support us....just letting people now about our music.

50K MUSIC: Do you have any other plans for the next few months ... touring, festivals?
Diogo: At the moment the only plan is practice all the songs the old ones and the new ones, and keep pre-production for the new album.

50K MUSIC: And last one: anything you want your fans and believers to know?
Diogo: I want our fans and believers to know that we will never give up ... we are friends since ever and what we will do until we breathe is doing music together for as many people as we could! We are from a small Village in Portugal and things aren't easy to happen ... we almost been there ... so close to our target ... and nothing happened ... so guess we only have to try harder with all your support.