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50K MUSIC Special - Krakow Music Scene (1): Two Red Triangles

Published on Jun 15 2012

  by Mario

If you're into indie rock and pop you should definitely have a look at Krakow's music scene. In the next few weeks I'm going to dig into this and introduce a couple of bands from Krakow to you. First in line are Two Red Triangles who fund their upcoming album on SellaBand.

50K MUSIC: For all those who haven't heard of Two Red Triangles yet, please tell us something about the band … where do you come from, what are your roots?
TRT: We’re three students from different parts of Poland, who being attracted by the cultural and educational aspects of Krakow decided to move there.

The band was formed on the initiative of Thomas, who posted an ad on the Internet and found Artur and Jakub through Gumtree. Two Red Triangles is Artur’s seventy seventh (has played in a number of alternative rock bands as a drummer; is currently leading his own alt-funk band Apparent Endorphin Overdose), Jakub’s second (used to play for an indie-rock band SuperXiu) and Thomas’ first (…) serious band. We come from slightly different musical backgrounds but we all share equal adoration for alternative (Pixies, Sonic Youth,…), post-punk (Gang of Four, Joy Division,…) and classic rock (The Velvet Underground, The Beatles,..) music.

50K MUSIC: How did you find your way to fan-funding and especially to SellaBand? Why did you choose SellaBand?
TRT: We first heard about SellaBand while learning about the polish artist Julia Marcell, who was able to release her first album thanks to SellaBand. By creating the profile we just wanted to make our music available to a wider range of listeners. If we’re able to raise enough money to record a decent album along with that, we’ll be more than happy.

50K MUSIC: Your funding goal of 20k € is quite ambitious. How are you going to involve folks in your fan funding project and convince them to invest?
TRT: By making investment-inciting music and grinning in band photographs.

50K MUSIC: What are your plans with the money once you'll have reached your target?
TRT: To find a good studio, record the songs, find a distributor willing to promote it and be able to live off music. That’s the dream.

50K MUSIC: When do you plan to release your debut album?
TRT: Our plan at the moment is to record a second EP. Once it has been released independently we’ll start thinking of joining the songs from both EPs and adding one or two more to that to make an album. However, in order to do that we need to raise enough money or get signed to a decent label. Only one thing is certain, though, concerning our first LP – we have more than enough songs to record it.

50K MUSIC: What kind of an album can we expect?
TRT: We deliberately chose the songs on our first Ep to give an idea of what musical path we’d like to follow in the future. Energetic, heavy pop songs will be in majority but we’d also like to explore more folkish or moody areas of our music.

50K MUSIC: You seem to have a quite considerable fan base in Poland. How do you plan to gain fans in the rest of Europe?
TRT: If we have a fan base in Poland we would definitely not call it considerable. We’ve only just started and we’re gaining listeners gradually. About the rest of Europe…, we truly believe in the word of mouth/facebook wall tradition. As soon as we feel strong enough to do that we’ll think of playing some gigs abroad too.

50K MUSIC: What are your plans for the next few months … touring, festivals, …?
TRT: We haven’t played outside Krakow yet, so we want to do that next. We’ve already mentioned a second ep…

50K MUSIC: And finally: One thing you'd like your fans and Believers to know.
TRT: We want our listeners and Believers to know that we listen and believe too.

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