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50K MUSIC Special - Krakow Music Scene (4): Kasecierz

Published on Aug 25 2012.

  by Mario

It's the most unusual music I've listened to for a long long time - surfing sound from Lesser Poland. If you're into surfing music you will love the music of Kaseciarz (pronounce: kə'setʃɪʒ). I talked to Maciek, the founder of the band ...

50K MUSIC: For all those who haven't heard of Kaseciarz yet, please tell us something about the band … where do you come from, what are your roots?
Maciek: Kaseciarz started as a solo project in May 2011. I had rehearsals in a building run by priests where teenagers came to play on instruments take dance lessons and generaly hang out so that their youthful bodies would stay away from drugs. I let them use my gear so i had unlimited access to the place and I could play for free and record stuff for free. When the album was finished and released in November 2011 I formed a live band around the music and right now it all sounds a lot different. And also we cannot play there anymore cause we were thrown out for being too loud.

50K MUSIC: How would you describe your music? Are there any models for your music?
Maciek: I'd say it's eastern european budget rock. I am a big fan of The Mummies, and being broke I figured that everybody can make an album without any money. Also the new garage scene especially from San Francisco was a big influence. And surf music of course. I thought that making a surf album in Cracow would be the most delightfully dumb idea ever.

50K MUSIC: You solely play instrumental music. What's the reason for that?
Maciek: There are two answers for that: 1. I cannot sing for shit, 2. I am really shy. I'd say it's a mixture of both, but maybe I'll try some hollerin' on the next album. Also when I recorded the stuff I knew this should be intstrumental music, just like the big surf hits of the 60's.

50K MUSIC: It seems there is a special relationship between Kaseciarz and some other bands from Krakow (Two Red Triangles, By Proxy). What makes the difference of the music scene there? What's so special in your view?
Maciek: Krakow is a tight place and everybody who is doing something gets to know other people quickly. Musically there is no unified "style" that is characteristic of the scene but we try to support ourselves like lending gear for a gig or helping with organising stuff. Also being nice is kinda important cause sooner or later we're gonna bump into each other anyway.

50K MUSIC: Two Red Triangles have started a crowdfunding project on SellaBand lately. Could this be a way to finance your music as well?
Maciek: That's a nice idea but I don't know if I could do that. I like the no budget thing because every time I get to learn new stuff about recording in hard conditions and with shitty gear. I would also be very nervous about disappointing the people that gave me the money to do the album.

50K MUSIC: Anyway, do you have any plans for an album or an EP?
Maciek: Yes there are plans, but first we must find a place where we can put our equipment for a period of time so we can play. As soon as achieve it we will start recording.

50K MUSIC: Any other plans for the next few months … are you going to play any festivals, any gigs…?
Maciek: We will not play any festivals this summer, maybe next year. We just got back from a semi-spontaneous three day tour of Warsaw and we had a great time although afterwards I discovered I had acne in strange places on my body.

50K MUSIC: And finally: One thing you'd like your fans and those who want to become fans to know.
Maciek: I just popped a zit in my ear.