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Broadway Killers: "We Suck!"

Published on Feb 19 2012.

  by Mario

They're raising funds for their debut album on SellaBand at the moment. Danish three piece Rock band Broadway Killers really rock and I think they can make it to the goal if you guys support them. I talked to Emil about their SellaBand project and their further plans ...

50K MUSIC: For all those who don't know Broadway Killers yet (in case there is anyone), please tell us something about you. Where do you come from, what are your roots?
Emil: Well, I think I'll give you the short answer to that :) We're a three piece rock band from Aarhus, Denmark. Basically we don't want to create anything revolutionary, we try to keep things simple. We are inspired by the energetic and melodic punk music, the attitude of the grunge scene and the sound of the alternative rock.
In fact we all come from different parts of Denmark and moved to Aarhus some 10 years ago mainly to do music. Back then we were in different bands all with big ambitions. As time went both Jakob and Anders got to release punk rock albums and tour internationally, Europe and both the US and Japan. I (Emil) was a little more low key mainly doing local and national concerts with my grunge inspired rock band. At a point Jakob's five piece band needed to part ways with one of their guitarists so Anders (who had become a good friend of Jakob) was brought in to play some shows. After a while he also joined the band officially.

And as it turns out in 2008 I joined Jakob and Anders' band when their drummer (in fact my brother) had to quit music because of trouble with tinnitus. This was the first time we all played together in the same band. Anyway, a lot of things happened, touring, Anders leaving the band, album-release and much more, but finally this band broke up in 2010. Jakob had wanted to start something new, something that was closer to his musical roots of good old punk rock. The three of us found out that we really wanted to keep playing and creating music together. So unofficially we founded Broadway Killers in late 2009. Jakob's inspiration comes mainly from the American punk rock scene. Since he was a little punk he listened to bands like Green Day, The Offspring but also Foo Fighters and of course Nirvana. Anders' all time favorite band is Rancid out of California, in fact we all love this band. I'm totally into the Seattle grunge rock but also I have a taste for punk rock fathers like The Who, Ramones and Iggy.
Until now we have done all the booking and promoting ourselves; we would like to have a booking agency, but we havn't started looking for anything yet. For now we have done good. The peak so far has been a bunch of festivals last summer in Germany and of course supporting Beatsteaks two times. We have released two EPs and we have a third one ready for release in April. Also very very important; in a little less than a year of releasing EPs and doing concerts we have been able to establish a very loyal fan base. That's a great start!

50K MUSIC: You've started to raise funds for your debut album on SellaBand in September 2011. How did you find SellaBand?
Emil: In fact I (Emil) was at a conference in our hometown Aarhus about the future of the music industry and Michael (the founder of Sellaband) was there to present us his new concept of crowdsoursing albums. That was back in early 2008 a year after Sellaband had been founded. I thought the idea to involve your fans in a greater sense was brilliant!

50K MUSIC: Did you expect it to be so hard to convince people to invest?
Emil: Well, I think that it has been a fun ride so far. I think we're learning how to get people involved. The main thing we learned is that people need to know that you exist!!! If you have the fundamentals right (good songs!) then people will invest, but THEY HAVE TO KNOW THAT YOU EXIST.

50K MUSIC: How are you going to involve folks in your fan funding project?
Emil: First of all we use the social media a lot when communicating things; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Sellaband etc. and we try to make these different platforms work together. For this project we shined up our page at Sellaband.com/broadwaykillers, making a detailed plan for the project, a great presentation video, and we have some great incentives to all who wish to support the project. Next thing we try to do is to keep the wheels turning at all times. Daily updates about our doings, one weekly blog at Sellaband about big and small things and we always try to give people news about future things, rehearsals, touring, releases etc. In fact it's like acting natural but letting people know in text that you are dead serious about this thing! Also we try to get the music heard for an example by letting people download our two EPs at a price they decide ("You Pay What You Want" so to speak) at broadwaykillers.bandcamp.com. We want people to share the music so they know that we exist! The last thing would be to make contests and give away t-shirts, EPs etc. We already did that together with Sellaband a couple of months ago. In fact the guys at Sellaband are good at communicating and sharing ideas so working with them is also fundamental in the process of getting people involved.

50K MUSIC: You've just reached 6% of your budget so far. What are your plans once you will have reached your target? What will you use the 15,000 € for?
Emil: We have a detailed plan at Sellaband.com/broadwaykillers. But the main thing is that we have found a great studio on an island south of Copenhagen and it's far away from everything. The studio is called Real Farm Studio and what is great is that we can find total solitude out there. We want the process of recording to be focused and intense, so Real Farm is great! The producer we chose is Jacob Bredahl, he is both a talented producer and musician most notably known for his chanting in Hatesphere. This guy makes an awesome authentic sound. That is the two basic things of recording the album.
Then comes expenses to artwork (we have some great ideas already), manufacturing of cd's, probably also vinyls, mechanical rights, merchandise, shipping and distribution. We're also working on some promotion in this very tight budget.

50K MUSIC: When do you plan to release your debut album?
Emil: That is a good question, but one thing we have learned over the years is that timing is hard but also important. I can promise you this much; it wont be a Christmas release. Probably early 2013 and of course a single release a bit earlier on.

50K MUSIC: You will support Beatsteaks on their Copenhagen and Aarhus gigs in May this year. Are there any other bands you're going to tour with this summer?
Emil: Well we would love to support Beatsteaks in May again, but the two gigs you talk about was last year :) (50K MUSIC: Ouch! Lousy research!) Anyway, those two gigs were our debut concerts with Broadway Killers. Oh what a great honour! These guys are really cool to be around and what a great band it is. I would say that these guys also inspired us musically. Supporting them again clearly would be a great honour. Anyway, to answer your question we will support 5Bugs from Berlin in April and do our own headliner tour just after that.

50K MUSIC: What further plans do you have for the next few months?
Emil: We just received the final mix of our 3rd (and best) EP to be released in April 2012 and that is one of the main things of course followed up by a release tour also in April. Furthermore in March we will record a music video for that EP, this will be our very first music video so that is exciting! And last, we will of course play some summer festivals. And you never know, we're working on new stuff all the time.

50K MUSIC: And finally: One thing about you and your music everybody should know.
Emil: We suck! (Hahaha).

Broadway Killers website