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Die Happy Come Roaring Back With Crowd Funded Album

Published October 26 2013.

  by Jonathan

German/Czech alt. metallers Die Happy are, this year, celebrating their 20th anniversary, with the band being founded in 1993 by vocalist Marta Jandová and guitarist Thorsten Mewes. To celebrate the milestone, the four-piece is looking to their fan base to help crowd fund their new album, having spent a number of years on major label, BMG.

Intended for release in spring of next year, the band has launched a Pledge Music campaign to give back to the fans, according the band themselves. “Where would we be without you? Our trusty fans who have accompanied us through thick and thin for more than 20 years, and who are our motivation to carry on!” explains the Pledge Music blurb penned by the band.

As yet untitled, the album is mostly recorded with the vocals remaining but as the band explain, since departing BMG and with that losing their recording budget, they find themselves having to go it alone once again but this time with a fan base to call upon.

“We don’t want to be cutting corners with the recording, mixing, mastering or anywhere else, we still want to deliver the quality you’re used to, and this is where you can help us to bring this to life in the way we want it to,” says the band on their recording aspirations.

They go on to explain that last album Red Box, in 2010, didn’t have enough cash behind it to fund a music video and they intend to use the funds from this campaign to record a video for one of the new tunes “if there’s anything left over at the end” after recording. As of October 16th, the project has reached its funding goal but is on-going.

The campaign is laden with incentives for fans to get involved, with the usual flurry of lavish and even ridiculous goods that fans can buy. The top incentive, for € 2,500, was a living room gig from Die Happy and it’s already sold out, making it clear that some people really, really like Die Happy and have the wallets to prove it. Second up at € 500 is Marta Jandová’s red coat from the “Supersonic Speed” music video or you can fork over € 300 for bassist Ralph Rieker’s black overalls; the sliding scale of incentives runs through crash cymbals played by Jürgen Stiehle, stage props from their live tour and lyric sheets.

The much more realistic incentives for the majority of people are the different packages of the eventual CD release along with t-shirts and other merch, some of which can be signed by the band. These base incentives are the standards across most crowd funding campaigns. Check out the campaign on the band’s Pledge Music page above.


Supersonic Speed from Ralph Rieker on Vimeo.