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Let Gemma Hayes Take You On A Musical Soul Ride

Published October 18 2013.

  by Linda

Irish Indie musician, singer/songwriter Gemma Hayes is taking a different approach in releasing her new album. With a voice that’s been described as mesmerizing and earthy, her poetic vibe of her music tells the stories of the soul. Gemma Hayes chose Pledgemusic.com to get her fans involved in the album from the start, “This for me is just exciting. It’s just me and the music and the people who listen to it, and there’s an interaction and an exchange right from the get go, and that’s fresh”(Gemma Hayes on Pledgemusic).

When you sign up on Gemma’s pledge page you gain access to exclusive behind the scenes footage of rehearsals, photo shoots and recording in studio. With just a pledge of $8 you receive the new studio album download plus updates, at $50 you get a private concert in London and Dublin, but the wicked thing is her reverse auction for her Fender Telecaster guitar, which she played on her ‘Night On My Side’ album and tour. This special signed guitar has Gemma’s blood, sweat and tears and a great personality, which she hopes will find the perfect home.

Gemma Hayes’ previous albums are, ‘Night On My Side’ (2002), ‘The Roads Don’t Love You’ (2005), ‘The Hollow Of Morning’ (2008) and ‘Let It Break’ (2011). She has won Best Female Artist from The Hot Press Awards (2001), winner of Best Irish Female Artist-Meteor Ireland Music Awards (2006), and in 2002 Gemma was nominated for the Mercury Prize along with nominations in 2009 for Best Irish Female Artist-Meteor Ireland Music Awards and Best Solo Female-Irish Television: Video Music Awards. This new album will be released through her independent record label ‘Chasing Dragons’.

Included in Gemma’s Pledgemusic campaign will be a limited release of her new live album ‘Night & Day’, which will be pressed on 180 gsm vinyl, hand numbered, signed and limited to the number of orders, so get yours now. With a soulful voice full of melancholy and hope, let Gemma Hayes, a beautiful, fresh, modern Irish Bard take you on a musical soul ride.

You can find Gemma Hayes on Pledgemusic.com, YouTube and her website gemmahayes.com.