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On Tour With The Pentatones

Published on Oct 02 2012.

  by Mario

A solitary shed by a Lake. Surrounded by woods coated in ice. lt's the deepest winter and the Pentatones quartet finds itself in the deserted nature near the Baltic Sea. They are searching for sounds pulsating beyond instruments and machines. lnaudible Music this is, made sound by them only.

By night the four move over the frosted lake, play the clarinet and put themselves in a chilly trance. Months later they will remember dimly these moments in the woods and cast them atmospherically into their album debut "The Devil's Hand" with icy romance...

The Pentatones, the "Mosaique Beat Ensemble" hailing from Leipzig (Germany) are going to start a short tour this Friday.

Here are the tour dates:

  • Oct 05 @Centrum, Erfurt; support: Stereofish live!
  • Oct 06 @Horns Erben, Leipzig
  • Oct 07 @Stille Post, Görlitz
  • Oct 10 @HBC, Berlin; Support: Ruede Hagelstein & Noblettes
  • Oct 12 @Fabelhaftes Konzert @Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin

We will accompany them with a tour blog here on 50K MUSIC over the next week. So stay tuned for more...











While waiting for the band to come to your city you can watch their latest video "The Devil's Hand"